Wednesday, October 15, 2008

tolling bells and mene tekel
the sign or the warning?

Can planets kill? Of course they cannot. They don't have hands:) But seriously: should we consider a hard aspect coming from a 'malefic'*) as a 'sign' or as a 'warning'? Are we, astrologers, fortunate to see the 'signs of the times'? Or is fear a killer and should we present 'bad signs' with a smile, even to ourselves? Sometimes being an astrologer is confusing:) That is what this post is about.
! Sometimes charts are killingly frightening! But these days we are supposed to see challenges, new perspectives, transformations and interesting opportunities, while in the old days they started digging your grave with the same combination of transits and progressions! With Saturn on your Midheaven you could be thrown before the lions if you were a slave in Rome. Being FIREd, where does that expression come from, you think?:) So let us be happy that the times changed and enjoy Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. They help us get rid of issues that we no longer need, such as a steady job, a clear head, a happy home etc. I am cynical, I know.
Astrology and astrologers, aren't they like the 'tolling' bells, allowing the people to see the difficulties in their characteristics and the difficult times coming up? Astrologers see the bad times (the malefics) coming! The 'malefics' warn us. They (the malefics and the astrologers) are there to give a signal to take better care. The planets are not murderous at all, they are the sign on the wall! Malefics are OK! Sigh...
Yes, it is nice to be warned, is not it? It is just that you get scared, when you are being warned. And when you are scared you have a greater chance to catch a cold and a virus, because fear undermines the body's resistance. You get tense and nervous and start making mistakes. So that, either way, you will experience whatever the malefic symbolizes. Some people call that fate.

I don't want to sound pessimistic...Of course, astrologers see the good times coming, too. They are just less frequent. Count them: there are more malefics than benefics! Benefics (from 'bene' = 'good') need not to be announced, anyway, they are welcome by surprise. And still the signs are up there, to warn us that there will be better times. Confused? So am I. I have a concussion (Uranus square MC hit me, by surprise, as expected:).

Take care!

*) Malefics are Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. An affliction is a hard aspect (= distance of 0, 45, 90, 135, 180 degrees between planets)

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