Monday, October 27, 2008

Sick and ill: Saturn-Uranus and Uranus-Neptune

Transit Uranus inconjunct natal Neptune, that is what I got right now and probably some of my 'contemporaries' as well: a hypersensitive situation, maybe produced by the bad news about the economical crisis.
The difference for me is that Neptune rules my vulnerable Pisces Ascendant and is sesquisquare the natal Ascendant. That sort of invites all kind of viruses and flues, whenever Saturn is involved, like today. Saturn is opposition Uranus and squares my progressed Ascendant. (Saturn-Uranus on the progressed IC-MC and Uranus inconjunct Neptune).

It is a combination of the remains of a light concussion (I hit a wall) and of a virus. This situation is limiting my freedom and movements now for more than a week, even though I like my viruses hot, fast and light! And I guess this situation won't stop until the Uranus-Neptune quincunx has completed (Wednesday). And it will be back in December, bah!

So that is why there is so little post these days, dear reader. When I hit the wall of my hotel room in Lisbon (with T Uranus square MC) I hit the wall. I was told to take more breaks, the hard way:). And since I did not listen (due to circumstances) now I was forced to rest by means of a virus. At least, that is the positive idea.@#$%!

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Ana Cristina said...

Hi Mar,
Wishing a speed recover, didn't know about your contusion in Lisbon...
Ana Cristina