Friday, October 17, 2008



True or false? Do the test and find out if you know what astrology is and can do. There are 20 questions. Move the mouse over ANSWER and you see if you were right or wrong.

1. Astrologie is a religion. 1. ANSWER

2. Insurancecompanies can tell if you are accident prone if they know your sun sign 2. ANSWER

3. An astrologer is a clearvoyant. 3. ANSWER

4. Astrology is purely ‘working with intuition’. 4. ANSWER

5. A chart shows if someone will be successful or not.5 ANSWER

6. Ambition and ‘drive’ is visible in a natal chart. 6 ANSWER

7. Calculating a chart must be done by an expert7. ANSWER

8. Geminis are busier than Scorpios are 8. ANSWER

9. Without a time of birth you can erect a chart. 9. ANSWER

10. Even without hour of birth there is something to say about the characteristics. 10. ANSWER

11. A natal chart for a dog? Can be done! 11. ANSWER

12. Some signs just don’t match! 12. ANSWER .

13. Astrology is a mess. The star signs have changed position! 13. ANSWER.

14. The Moon in a chart tells us about emotion and behaviour 14. ANSWER

15. Astrology can influence you and you might start following a ‘guru’15. ANSWER

16. There is a chart for every moment and place, even for buildings 16. ANSWER

17. The chart contains all knowledge. 17. ANSWER

18. The time of death is a fixed time, visible in the chart. 18. ANSWER

19. You can tell from a chart if a person is gay.19. ANSWER

20. There is a relationship between the charts of parents and children.20. ANSWER

For some reason the rest of the answer does not show up. If you still have a question with the answer: just ask me (see left side of this blog).

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