Tuesday, October 7, 2008

and the science in his chart

Harald zur Hausen received (half of the) Nobel Prize yesterday for finding the cause for uterus cancer (HPV, the humane papillomavirus) between 1970 and 1990. Better late than never, this prize...Maybe that is why we see transit Jupiter sextile Saturn. Let me tell you about this moment in his life and about the scientist in his chart, even without HOB.

There are more astrological announcements for an important change in life:
a. the progressed Sun changed sign about 1,5 years ago (in 2006 the vaccine against uterus cancer was introduced, thanks to his earlier studies), just like the progressed Sun did when he got his first award*)
b. transit Uranus is square the natal Sun (for being in the 'news' this year) and there are more contemporary transits. In March 2008 the American Association for Cancer Research Lifetime Achievement awarded him already.

The scientist in the chart is shown by Saturn. Saturn is prominent because Saturn is rising before the Sun (oriental). A prominent Saturn in a chart always indicates a serious person, like a scientist is.

Mercury in Aquarius symbolizes the independent mind that was required to do a study against the 'ruling' ideas of those days, that a herpes virus caused uterus cancer. Note that if he was born later in the evening, there is a quindecile (15d) aspect between Mercury and Saturn (Mercury 327.3d, Saturn 343.8d, 13.5 d difference at noon).

Saturn is opposition Neptune. The combination Saturn-Neptune indicates the importance of illnesses in his life. .

If he is born late in the evening, Mercury in Aquarius will be sextile Jupiter and Uranus for the inventive mind. And it will not be surprising that Mercury is placed between Jupiter and Uranus (Mercury = Jupiter/Uranus) already…

His evident success is marked by the combination of Sun-Jupiter-Pluto: Sun square Jupiter and trine Pluto. This combination shows a self confident and daring person. Those are qualities needed to gain (Pluto) success (Jupiter).

Even without HOB it is perfectly clear that on the day of birth of Zur Hausen there were signs that a scientist could be born, in particular later on the day. Of course, the right environment, genes and social situation made it possible to study. And the individual birth chart (with hour of birth, HOB), will have crucial information about the angular placements that completes the picture of Harald zur Hausen.
*)In Wikipedia you see a list of awards and prizes. The first one is the Robert Koch prize in 1975. That was with the progressed Sun changing sign, just like in 2006. Transit Jupiter was semi sextile Sun.

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