Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A 115 year old

Gertrude Baines was born April 6, 1894 in Shellman, Georgia (USA) and she is still alive. Yesterday she celebrated her 115th birthday.

Just like many very old persons, she has a lot of positions in the socialising air signs (50%) and in the flexible movable signs (50%). Unless she is born after 23 hours, she has no positions in earth signs. There are no inconjunctions in her chart (not within 2 degrees of orb). That is nice, because it means that there were no illnesses at birth.

Of course, she is the only living person born on April 6, 1894. Genes and circumstances must have contributed to the length of her life. And there must have been crucial positions in her chart that strongly influenced her health. That makes me think of Ceres, the symbol of roots and genes. Ceres is making the tightest aspecgt in this chart (square Neptune). Perhaps it is Ceres that has a prominent position on the horizon or the meridian.

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(With thanks to Ria for making me aware of this birthday!)

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