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The effect of the Moon inconjunct Pluto

In this post I am brainstorming about Moon inconjunct Pluto. In Dutch astrologer Martin Boot’s book ‘Van Ram tot Vissen’ the inconjunction of Moon and Pluto is referred to as ‘seeing submission as a way to express love’. Moon inconjunct Pluto reflects disproportionate emotional or psychological transformation.

One of the effects of Moon in aspect with Pluto is that the aspect intensifies habits, reflects the need of obedience (or control) and easily leads to psychological problems because of the strength of emotions. The Moon is the symbol of memory and memorising (the way we are being thought to behave and eat). Moon-Pluto is the aspect of the issue of the strong personality, but it might be the chart owner or someone else who is the impressing person.*) Sometimes fanatic needs and behaviour leeds to success. Habits are often forced upon others in the house or being forced on the chart owner*). There is the need to be strong and to defend oneself, from the very start. Grace Kelly had Sun and Moon trine Pluto. Her life, lifestyle and domestic environment changed completely when she married the Prince of Monaco. That is the transformational effect of Pluto. The trine made it easier to get used to (Moon) the changes (Pluto).

With the inconjunction it is easy to get out of balance. It is more difficult (Pluto) to get used to (Moon) changes. Sometimes you are just not in the mood, but you must behave and do as you are told. So you behave more and more 'forced'.

Sun inconjunct Pluto makes it hard to have a balanced self esteem. Moon inconjunct Pluto makes it hard to behave like you should. The effect is that a person sometimes looses control over the way of living (Sun) or the way of behaving (Moon). In severe circumstances other persons (or an intense need) may take over...

The individual chart shows what kind of need and problems influence behaviour in a disproportionate way. Pluto always reflects 'the price to pay' and with Moon the price is very personal. The Moon symbolises 'what you are used to', 'where you feel at home', 'what you like and desire'. When you want to be in control over your behaviour, you will have to give up on a habit or anything else.

The Moon inconjunct Pluto has a range from a (too) strict diet up to problemous behaviour and habits, a sort of a submission to danger or sex. It all depends on the rest of the chart, circumstances, positions and situations (and not to forget: genes). That is why I prefer to read a chart as a whole, instead of commenting about aspects in a chart. It is so often like talking about the leaf or the branche of a tree, without seeing the tree as a whole. But, the inconjunction is a very tight aspect (orb maximum 2 degrees), the Moon is moving rather fast compared to other objects in the chart and the Moon is a very important object, especially in the chart of women. Women generally are submitted to rules about behaviour more than males are (and that is so, around the world). Any affliction with the Moon makes it difficult to behave like one 'should' or like the world considers 'normal'.
Psychological problems (depression, for example) might be the ultimate effect of a Moon-Pluto affliction. With the inconjunction it is even more easy to get out of balance. When a person is aware of the possible dangerous effect, they can be on guard.

I have a few examples on this blog of the sometimes heavy effect of this aspect in the charts of women. The need to obey and submit might also shows up in the chart of males, of course. And the way to express submission might be less dangerous in the chart of the majority.

I still remember how shocked I was when Sarah Fergusson (an asumably moder woman) promissed Andrew to 'obey him', on her wedding day July 23, 1986 in Westminster Abbey, London, as if there hadn't been 'womens lib'. It was archaic (read the discussion on about the wedding vow).
Sarah Fergusson has the Moon inconjunct Pluto, tightly. Sarah Fergusson had an eating disorder for years - and was a big spender, too - . Now she is in control as a Weight Watcher. Pluto is conjunct Midheaven ruling the Ascendant and the Moon is in the 5th house.
See her chart and Andrew's on the earlier post about their match...

Natalee Holloway, who might have been attracted to dangerous males, has Moon inconjunct Pluto in her chart.
...Just like Karen Homolka, who also has Moon inconjunct Pluto. See the article about the Moon-Pluto effect in the charts of Homolka and Bernardo...

My latest post was about Catherine M. In the natal chart of Catherine Millet, an author who wrote about voluntary gang bang, We see a personality with strong and intense disproportionate need for pleasure (prominent Moon in 5 inconjunct Pluto, tightly). In her book she submits herself to unknown males, as a sex object.

I have the chart of a male actor who was born in The Netherlands, educated in the United States and who returned to Holland again later. He also may have to get used to other habits and rules and may have difficulties with that.

The effect of Moon inconjunct Pluto is (or may be...) that it forces a person to change behaviour and habits in such a way that it makes it difficult to keep control always.

For example, Sarah Fergusson was submitted to the rules of the royal family (and the protocol) as a citizen. She had problems to keep obeying them. Soon after marriage she started to eat and eat, perhaps because she was out of balance. The same inconjunction is in the chart of the Dutch queen to be: Máxima. She has the Moon in Aquarius, inconjunct an elevated Pluto (tightly). She moved to another country and continent and had to (Pluto) get used (Moon) to different habits. Recently she and her husband bought a house in Argentina (where she was born), to spend her holidays there. She is very popular.

*) Mars-Pluto is the issue of using or abusing force, influence or violence. This aspect is as frequent in the charts of assaulters as it is in the charts of victims. See the article on Astromarkt...


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