Friday, April 17, 2009

Astrology chart Catherine Millet

Catherine Millet is the author of a 'dirty book' called 'The sexual life of Catherine M.' I thought it was just a fantasy, but the elegant writer of books about art seems to have a real 'free marriage' with author Jacques Henric. And now she has written a book about jealousy. That is because her husband prefers a 20 year old now...This is her chart for April 1, 1948 15h15 Bois Colombes (France).
What does it say?

1. There is a strong astrological pattern of artistic talent in her chart (Taurus Midheaven, Venus in Taurus elevated and 'calling' sesquisquare Neptune and Neptune square the oriental Moon; Venus and Neptune are in aspect with Sun/Moon)
In 2001 when her book 'The sexual life of..' appeared, she had Venus still on top and square Neptune in her progressed chart. The combination of Venus and Neptune is the combination of art. In 2001 she also had progressed Moon conjunct Jupiter, an indication for success.

2. There is a question mark about life and fantasy or 'double life' (Sun in the 8th house of sex in opposition with Neptune): is it really true that she had herself 'gangbanged'? Read about the effect of Sun-Neptune combinations (and the question: am I who they say that I am or ...)...

3. We see a personality with strong and intense disproportionate need for pleasure (prominent Moon in 5 inconjunct Pluto, tightly)

Why did she marry if she and her husband didn't want to commit themselves?

1. Her Sun ruler 1 (ego) is quintile Uranus ruler 7 (partner)
This means: a creative way (quintile) to be (Sun) free (Uranus) in a relationship (1-7)

2. Mars is conjunct Saturn; that is because she had a long lasting relationship before this one.

3. She has Venus on top of her chart in Taurus; she wants to HAVE a lover. And perhaps that explains her jealousy now*).

Is she an artist with strong fantasies about sex or did she write an autobiography? With Sun in aspect with Neptune and Pluto, that might remain a mystery to us all. She has made an art of sexual desires, or it is the other way around. MC opposition Jupiter/Neptune is a guarantee for a lot of devoted readers. So the answer to the above question is that she is a successful author. Jupiter (ruler 5) is on cusp 5, trine her Ascendant. This aspect is very fortunate for creative expression. Had I already mentioned that Jupiter is 'calling', just like Venus. Venus and Jupiter are both drawing attention in this chart and the combination promisses (again) success in the field of entertainment. And lots of love...:)

*) In French the book is called 'Jour de souffrance', in Dutch 'Jaloezie' (Jealousy)

For more examples of the astrological pattern of artistic talent, see my blog Art&Astrology...


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