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Marriage in the chart of Mel Gibson

Transit Uranus is conjunct Mel Gibson's Midheaven and he is in the news because of the end of his longlasting marriage. Mel Gibson is an artist. It is amazing for an artist to be married for so long. What are the indications for the long marriage and what for possible divorce?

There are several indications for a long lasting marriage. First of all, there was the Moon (ruler 1) trine Mercury in 7 for getting married in the first place. He did not divorce as quickly as other actors seem to do, because:

1. Capricorn is on the cusp of the seventh house (if he was born at 16:45). Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, seems to be the sign of what is longlasting, carefull, responsible and cautious.
2. The sextile between Moon ruler 1 and Saturn ruler 7. Moon-Saturn aspects make it hard to show emotions and make it easy to follow into the footsteps of a parents, doing the right thing (just like it should) and feeling responsible for the children and the family. Mel Gibson's wife left him 3 years ago. It took 3 years to divorce. I have an example in my files of somenone that I know. She lives separate from her husband for more than 3 years now and she has Moon (and Sun) in Capricorn semi sextile Saturn. They did not divorce (yet). To consolidate a habit is easy with Moon - Saturn.
3. The amount of positions in fixed signs. The fixed signs show perseverence and strong will.
Look at Venus quintile Saturn (for a creative way to remain married or to live apart together).
4. Saturn oriental (serious, responsible, parenthood, status, respect, wanting security)
Capricorn and Saturn sometimes over value the importance of status and 'what people might think' and they want to be 'descent'. That, having children together and responsibilities (or costs! Capricorn is economic!) is sometimes a reason to keep a marriage going that is already on it's end. Mel Gibson's friends are rather conservative and so is he. Saturn oriental**) reflects the conservative style.

So there were at least 4 reasons for the fact that he remained married for so long. But, now he is about to divorce.

An indication for divorce*) is the opposition between Mercury in the 7th house and Uranus in the 1st house. Mercury in the 7th house is strongly afflicted. There is an inconjunction with Jupiter and Pluto (for wealth and fame). It means that his success has a price and the place to pay is marriage and, perhaps in a disproportionate amount. Mercury is opposition Uranus in the first house for disagreements in marriage. The opposition is out of sign (and maybe was out of the public's sight:), but tight. Mercury is square Neptune (out of sign again, but tight). The success in communications and in the world of fantasy (including religious belief) is evident. Mercury is in aspect with Jupiter-Pluto and Neptune. Mercury is trine the Moon, ruler 1 (out of sign again). That made it easy to get married. But the opposition with Uranus shows opposition between him and a partner based upon opposing opinions.
Second indication: Moon semi sextile Neptune.
Third indication: the influence of the afflicted Sun on the Descendant (having the starring role).
Fourth indication: Venus is 'calling'*) in Aquarius, the sign of liberty and independence.

There are also indications for difficulties with women or relationships in general:
- a quindecile between Venus and Pluto
- a sesquisquare between Moon and Venus
The same aspects that attribute to artistic talent make it difficult to keep relations going (for example: attraction, sensitivity, romantic ideals).

He and his partner want to have privacy in this matter. Sun quintile Neptune and sesquisquare Pluto, Moon semi sextile Neptune and Pluto, Mercury square Neptune and Pluto...The Neptune/Pluto combination of the silent force and of discretion is very active in his chart.

*) In the chart of a man indications for divorce are:
Moon afflicted by Saturn
Moon afflicted by Neptune
Venus afflicted by Neptune
Mars afflicted by Uranus
Afflictions between the 1st and 7th house (rulers and/or planets in the houses).

When a person is so famous, it is difficult to keep a secret and that is another way to reflect the combination of Neptune (the secret) and Pluto (difficulties).

The astrological pattern for the artist in the chart of Mel Gibson is:

- Moon sesquisquare Venus (sense of art and style)
- Venus 'calling' (vocation for style, beauty and entertainment)
- Moon in Libra (sense of art)
- Pisces MC (career in the media, religion or 'empathic' business)
- Neptune quintile Sun and Midheaven (creative fantasy, double identity - pretending to be someone, like actors do -)
- Moon semi sextile Neptune (sensitivity)
- Sun/Moon in aspect with Mercury and Neptune (the reigning need of telling tales)
- Sun opposition AsC (for drawing attention)

I found his hour of birth on Star IQ.

*) I name a planet a calling planet (important for the vocation) when a planet does not make a major (Ptolemaic) aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees. Venus 'calling' refers to the attraction of entertainment, beauty, style and art.
**) When Saturn rises before the Sun (that is the 'oriental' Saturn) the nativity is first of all oriented on official status (in education or in marriage).


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