Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chart of Roger Federer (married yesterday)

Top tennis player Roger Federer married Mirka Vavrinec, yesterday. The party was easy to see in the astrological picture of the sky. See the progressed chart and transits above. This post is about the transits and progressions symbolising the party. And...Roger Federer's Midheaven is in Gemini. I will mention more examples of Gemini Midheaven in the charts of those who use their arms and hands in their professions in this post.

- Venus is the symbol of having fun, love and marriage. The progressed chart shows the growing situation (after development). Venus was on the cusp of the 7th house of marriage in his progressed chart.
- The Sun is the symbol of drawing attention and being in the centre of attention (like a person is on his wedding day:). The Ascendant is the symbol of a situation or presentation. The Progressed Sun was conjunct natal Ascendant.
- Jupiter is the symbol of joy, growth and progress. The progressed Sun was semi sextile Jupiter.

Venus and Jupiter together are the combination of the big party and great joy*).
To complete the party, transit Jupiter was also square the Moon.

Federer's natal chart (above) has Gemini on Midheaven. I found more charts of famous sport players using their hands and arms with Gemini related to Midheaven or ruler Midheaven.

- Golf player Tiger Woods Gemini Midheaven
- Cricket player Sourav Ganguli's Gemini Midheaven
- Golf player Ballesteros ruler Midheaven (Mars) in Gemini
- Tennis player Justine Henin (born June 1, 1982 Li├Ęge Belgium at 12:30 pm) has Sun and Mercury on top of her chart, in Gemini
- Stefi Graf (born June 14, 1969 in Mannheim at 4:40 CET) has an Aquarius Midheaven. Uranus (ruler of the Midheaven) is in Virgo. And Mercury rules Virgo. Mercury is in Gemini. Mercury is the final dispositor of the Midheaven.
- The natal chart of Venus Williams (see Astrodatabank ) has Mercury conjunct the Cancer Midheaven. The Moon (ruler of Midheaven) is in Leo and the Sun (ruler of Leo) is in Gemini...

Venus' sister Serena's Mercury is two times important: Mercury is 'calling' and Mercury is on the Desendant (but there is no Gemini influence in her chart).

Announcement on his website

Earlier post about Federer and Nadal

*) When Venus and Jupiter are obviously present there is reason to suspect good news (you don't need to get married:). Mr. Rasmussen had it when he became secretary-general of NATO.

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