Saturday, July 3, 2010

Paris Hilton arrested (and when to have a party)

Yesterday Paris Hilton, dressing a Brazilian shirt, was arrested during the match Netherlands-Brazil (won by the Dutch), on suspicion of using drugs (cannabis),together with her friend. They let her go quickly (to be Hilton or not to be Hilton...) and this is the (C-rated) chart with transits...

Considering the fact that Paris Hilton's chart has a C-rated (uncertain) hour of birth, let us stick to the Sun and planets and their transits.
- Transit Saturn is inconjunct her natal Sun and was in opposition with her progressed Sun last year
That makes it hard to have self respect. You might loose some dignitiy. It might be because your life style (Sun) is not in line (inconjunct) with the law (Saturn). You may also be too hard for yourself (your health suffers).
- Transit Neptune opposition natal Sun

That is the kind of transit that could be expected when the word 'drugs' is involved, because Neptune symbolizes drugs, a.o. Negative press is to be expected when celebrities get this kind of transits.

Does it surprise you that Venus is 'calling' in her natal chart? Her Aquarian Venus doesn't make any Ptolemaic aspect. Venus is the symbol of luxury, beauty, comfort, style, pleasure and diplomacy: all that makes life easier and prettier.

BTW Again I see a 127 or 127.5 degree aspect making sense: Venus-Jupiter (the party!) . I found a site mentioning a 127 degree effect in earthquakes (link). Of course this could be considered to be a very wide trine between Venus and Jupiter. But I have noticed more often that this degree seems to have a strong effect. I'll be back on this subject later.

The party animal in the chart of Paris Hilton could also be found when her Ascendant is in the 12th/13th degree, related to the midpoint of the socialite and parties (Venus/Jupiter). In which case transit Pholus (the one that shot his own foot) is conjunct her natal Ascendant.

Plan your party when Venus and Jupiter are contributing to the pleasure and joy! How? For example, when Jupiter is in aspect with your Venus or vice versa. But take care: you might be in the mood to spend too much...

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