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7/7 2005 London bombings

 On July 7, 2005 four terrorist ruined the lives of many when they commited a suicide attack with bombs in the London subway. They were born:

1.    October, 20 1974
2.    September, 16 1986
3.    December 15, 1980
4.    September 23, 1985

All four of them had a Mars-Uranus connection.
The first was born with a Sun, Mars, Uranus conjunction and Sun conjunct the midpoint Mars/Uranus. His Mars was rising before the Sun.
The second had Sun trine Mars and square Uranus. 
The third had Sun conjunct Mars/Uranus (like number 1). 
The fourth terrorist had Sun 75 degrees from his oriental Mars and quintile Uranus (orb 2 degrees).

Mars and Uranus were also of importance in the chart of the moment of the first explosion.
On the seventh of July 2005 at 8:51 a.m. Mars was oriental in the eight house square Sun. Uranus was the apex of a Yod and quindecile Ascendant. The Midheaven was in aspect with the combination of death (Mars/Saturn).
!This doesn’t mean that it had to happen. It just shows that it was a moment in the sky that hightlighted the possible issue of the ‘ short fuse’ and ‘terror’. (It doesn’t work the other way around!).

MARS and THE EVENT (Connecting the terrorists to the moment)
Three out of four terrorists have their (progressed) Mars in aspect with important positions of the event chart.
The Mars of 3 of the terrorist was in aspect with the meridian, the horizon, the and Mars of the chart of the explosion.
The Mars of number 1 was on the IC of the moment of the first explosion. The progressed Mars of number two was opposition transit Saturn that day and inconjunct the Ascendant of the first explosion. (He died at (9:47 and had time to consider his acts). 
Number 3: his Mars square transit Mars.
The fourth terrorist had ‘only’ progressed Mars inconjunct transit Eris. He had a transit Sun inconjunct Uranus-day (a day with tension and a lost involved). His progressed positions give more insight: transit Varuna inconjunct his Progressed Uranus (disaster with a lost involved), transit Eris inconjunct his progressed Mars (conflict with a lost involved), transit Pholus conjunct progressed Saturn (possible final turning point). You see his progressed chart without hour of birth but with transits here:
Even without hour of birth there is a clear picture of an attack, getting hurt, pain and losts in the charts of the four men. 

A. If you have a tight conflict between Mars and Uranus, take care that others don’t take advantage of your drive to make immediate changes and your tendency to act on impulse. Do avoid to be influenced by violent ideas. You could use your special drive in working with techniques or doing sports using techniques (cars, bikes). Why not read how Albert Schweitzer controlled his Mars-Uranus short fuse? Use the link: http://astropost.blogspot.com/2009/01/natal-chart-of-albert-schweitzer-born.html Or (and you probably already did because you are here: you could start using techniques and improving them ...in astrology...).  Mars-Uranus can be useful whenever and whereever men or friends are working together, united by their efforts or drives. It is perfect for adventures and a risk for accidents and incidents. In the charts of men Mars-Uranus contributes to problems in keeping relationships going. Women with a Mars-Uranus don't have problems with male friends and some of them might start a relationship with a homosexual man. Use the label Mars-Uranus to see the examples of the Mars-Uranus effect.

B. The daily motion of the Sun shows aspects with your natal chart. Your Sun-Venus day might be more pleasant than a Sun-Saturn-day when duty comes first. More about this: 
Daily motion of the Sun and your charts positons…

And follow the labels...

PS EXTERNAL LINK to the story of the recovery of one of the victims of July 7:

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