Friday, July 2, 2010

Naomi Campbell: Saturn hits her Yod

Naomi Campbell is hot news these days. I read that there were false reports about planning to get married to Wladislaw Doronin (a Russian billionaire), that she is getting bold (by traction alopecia or due to the weight of hair extensions, see the pictures...)  and that she is ordered to testify about a blood diamond given to her by Charles Taylor (see the news of Reuters).

I have written about the progessed chart of Naomi Campbell last year (link).
This time transit Saturn hits her Yod of Venus-Neptune-Ascendant (for the art of presenting herself*), reflecting the limitations and restrictions of her image (loosing her hair).

The specific astrological positions for the time and place of birth of Naomi Campbell shows the importance of beauty and looks (Venus-Neptune-Ascendant in a Yod; AC/MC = Venus), the international (Jupiter) and women-being a woman with all that includes 'womenhood' like f.ex. fashion, education (Moon calling in 10th house). Her hour and place of birth was perfect for a model to be born... Here is the chart with observations:

1.Success and travelling is prominent in her natal chart
She has Jupiter on top (for the international) and a 'calling'(unaspected) Moon semi square Jupiter (showing the need for expension and success).

2.The art of presenting yourself
*) There is a special combination in her chart. Venus is the Apex in a Yod with Ascendant and Neptune, pointing at the fotogenetic model that she is. Venus-Neptune relates style to the fantasy and is one of the indications of art. The ascendant is the 'doorway' to others (the way you present yourself).

Venus-Neptune combinations also mirror high sensitivity (f.ex. of the skin) and in the charts of men: love affairs (hidden women:).

3.The Moon calls
She has a calling Moon in the 10th house of profession (for fashion, acting... and needs/behaviour at any level). The Moon could have referred to education or children, too, if she didn't have that Yod with Venus in the 5th house of performance.

4.The opposition of Sun and Neptune on the meridian is reflecting the 'double' life of a model. With Sun-Neptune there is always the question of identity (am I who they say that I am?). Neptune is on the MC. Perhaps this Sun-Neptune-Midheaven combination mirrors the fact that she never knew her biological father.

(for more about Sun-Neptune, see the article on my site Astromarkt)

5. Naomi is a prominent person with 5 prominent positions: Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Neptue...The pattern of a beautiful lady with a public and fans.

6. Watch the Mercury-Saturn conjunction rising before the Sun...She is first of all a business woman with ambition.

7. Quaoar is square Ascendant and elevated.
Quaoar is the symbol of creating new realities and creations in itself. She shows them!

8. AC/MC = Venus
Well, she IS a Venus, isn't she?:)

BTW Venus in Gemini often loves to dance! Naomi's mother was a ballet dancer. I quote myself again:
Venus in Gemini is Venus in an air sign and in a flexible sign. Gemini reflects youth (the first contacts). Venus in Gemini has a preference (Venus) for what is young and for the period of youth in general. When you marry young or when you marry the person you loved when you were young, the chance of marrying again was great in the Middle Ages. Women died young (having a baby, for example). In the chart of males Venus in Gemini would start seeking a replacement, someone just like the lost person, someone young. In the chart of women Venus in Gemini would prefer to marry young and to look young. But there would always be the chance of marrying twice. They are the young woman and you look younger when you marry an older man.

BTW You don't need to divorce to have multiple partners. How about dancing?
Venus makes you feel good, but Saturn tends to put you down whenever your vanity shows up. Saturn is now in the last degrees of Virgo and will soon enter Libra. If your Venus is there or if transit Saturn is in hard aspect with your Venus you might (for a while) feel restricted in pleasures, fun and comfort. Sometimes this is because of a skin or beauty problem. Sometimes you just don't have the money to have some fun. You see the disadvantages of what you have (not). However, you could also use this transit to get formally married (a legal wedding or a contract for marriage). But it takes Jupiter to turn it into a party...

Naomi Campbell never married but did have relationships (with Mike Tyson, for example, see Astrology&Love for their match and for the astrological reasons why)...


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