Monday, July 12, 2010

Roman Polanski and Jupiter...

Roman Polanski will not be sent to the USA, not by Switzerland. Jupiter seems to be illustrating the positive verdict.

With progressed Sun semi square natal Jupiter and transit Jupiter trine progressed Mercury, Roman Polanski had two indications for a fortunate, though perhaps somewhat frustrating day (semi square, Jupiter in 12 for counting his blessings, but still in exile....). The trine mirrors a solution (something changing the smooth way) and Mercury-Jupiter is a nice combination for a verdict in your advantage. To complete the picture, transit Uranus quindecile Ascendant shows the strong drive to be free and the tension. Here is the chart:

He is now free to go where he pleases, except... in the USA, the UK and several other countries willing to transport him to the USA. He will have to stay in France or Switzerland for the rest of his life. 

Much more about Polanski's chart and life and the artist in the chart of Polanski in an earlier post…

For the news, see the LA Times...


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