Friday, March 11, 2011

Venus-Nessus in Scorpio (Berlusconi-Ruby)

 Photo by Kremlin found on Wikipedia Commons
It seems that two Italians made an attempt to alter the year on the birth certificate of Ruby - nickname of Karima, the underaged 'call girl' of Berlusconi -  (read the Telegraph and see her photo, day of birth and the story there). Time to see the interaction between their charts. 

Silvio Berlusconi's Venus is in the first degree of Scorpio, sextile Mars and opposition Uranus. Let us see it as the resonation of the passion for adventures in love and sex. One of his adventures was with one Ruby, a Northern African girl aged 16 at the time. She was born November 1, 1992. On that day, Nessus (her Nessus) was exactly conjunct the Venus of Silvio. 

You know the myth? I see Nessus as a sort of a person that you'd better avoid if you don't want them to keep coming back from the past. Like a boomerang. Or like Schwarzenegger in his movies?:)

It is the month of relations on Astropost, so: here is the chart of Berlusconi. The 'transits' are for the day of birth of Ruby. See her Saturn sesquisquare his MC and AC and his Uranus opposition her Sun. The interaction between the charts show the possibility of strong interaction between them...

More Nessus (now opposition the progressed Sun of Moammar al Quadhafi of Libya)

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More about the myth of Nessus...

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