Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor died

With progressed Sun sesquisquare Midheaven, and transit Chiron sextile progressed Mars, transit Pluto oppostiion progressed Venus and transit Pholus trine natal Venus Elizabeth Taylor died, age 79. 
She very much loved Michael Jackson. 

A year before his death, in August of 2008, she was taken to hospital with rather dramatic transits and progressions, but medical treatment provided her with another 19 months... Quote:

- transit Saturn square Ascendant
- transit Saturn opposition Sun and Mercury
- transit Neptune square her progressed Sun
- tranti Neptune square progressive Midheaven
- transit Saturn opposition progressed Ascendant
- transit Uranus squares the progressed Midheaven
- her progressed chart Neptune is in the 6th house and close to the Descendant

Liz Taylor is a myth. And she was mysterious (Sun Pisces and Moon Scorpio). Moon in Scorpio is frequent in the charts of women 'who made it'. And Liz made it! She had a very important Neptune in her chart (elevated, square Ascendant) to illustrate the life of movies, imagination, romance and more. Sun opposition Neptune tells us that she was an idol.
The effect of the aspect between Sun and Neptune in the natal chart, in progression or transit Neptune in aspect with Sun relates your life and lifestyle to uncontrolable and invisible issues like the media, fantasy, ideals and dreams or gossip, nightmares, deceit, desillusions and all that is fake. Even you might not be the real you...
Actors are living our fantasies.
Natal and transits for today

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