Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vesta, in time for my fireplace

This weekend I have been busy moving around the house. Now I have my own special little room, a study filled with my own books and documents, my laptops, my music and some special objects. My room is a rooom with a view, on the sunniest side of the house (maybe that is the interpretation of transit Quaoar on my progressed Descendant?:). From my window I can see the bridge across the river and I look down at the trees and flowers of the neighbours gardens. When it is hot (and it will be hot this spring, they say) there is a balcony. I will write my blog in this room instead of 'on the kitchen table' from now on. But, more on topic: for my comfort (I like it hot:) there is a ' fireplace'. Did you know that Vesta is the symbol of the fireplace? I thought of that when I was thinking about this blog and I looked at the position of Vesta when I started to decorate the study and the fireplace arrived. It was with transit Vesta conjunct my Mars (the symbol of fire) and the AC/MC midpoint.
Sometimes that is (apparently) simply what happens: you buy something warm and do something in the house.
For more about Vesta, see the label.

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