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Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen: similarities

Now that Mel Gibson is in the news again (see LA TIMES), it is time to have a closer look at his chart. The actor has a beautiful 'Golden Yod' of Sun quintile Neptune and Midheaven (and Neptune biquintile Midheaven). The Golden Yod is resonating the creative talent to act and the ability to create another person and a 'double life' or be an idol (just like movie stars use to be). He also has Mercury opposition Uranus and that is an astrological statement for differences of opinion, controversial ideas and 'strange' (sometimes funny) remarks.**). What he said and says causes problems sometimes, but now he is in serious trouble after domestic violence. 
Mel Gibson is not the only actor ' in trouble' right now. So is Charlie Sheen. I have noticed the similarities in their charts before and here they are again, with even more similarities...You will probably find even more...

In 2006 and in 2008 I already mentioned the fact that the charts of Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen have a lot in common. So have their lives. 

a. They are very rich and
b. they are successful actors.
c. they are very controversial and
d. they are believers in conspiracy theories about 9/11. Together with Charlie Sheen he (= Mel Gibson) supports a movement in the USA that has a complot theory about 9/11. Not the Arab intruders did 'it', it must have been the CIA or even Israel. 
e. Fact is that Charlie and Mel slapped their wives.
f. In the movies they act as 'heroes'.
g. Both have addiction problems.
h. Both have problems with women.

Mel Gibson was born January 3, 1956 at 16:45 in Peekskill USA. 
Charlie Sheen was born September 3, 1965 at 22:48 hour in New York (both of these data given by

The actors share:
- Gibson has Sun in Capricorn semisquare Saturn and sesquisquare Pluto. Also Saturn is square Pluto. Charlie Sheen has Sun conjunct Pluto (and Uranus) opposed to Saturn and so Saturn is opposed to Pluto. In both cases there are midpoint combinations with Saturn and Pluto involved. That is the ‘die hard’ combination (see Astromarkt).

-Earlier I wrote about Charlie Sheen and Eris. Eris has an important role in to play in his chart. Mel Gibson’s Eris is sesquisquare Mars (aggressive discord, war*) and square Sun (living with discord). If the hour of birth is correct (it is a B-rated chart!) Eris is elevated in Mel Gibson's chart.

- Mercury square Neptune (a misty mind and fantasy fighting facts). Maybe that is good for actors (they can imagine facts for their job), but not for conspiracy theories.

- Mars in aspect with Saturn:  Mel Gibson has Mars conjunct Saturn (both rising before the Sun), Sheen has a trine. That means that they are disciplined or that they use hard measures, like slapping See:

- Venus - Saturn:  Mel G. has Venus 75d Saturn, Charlie Sheen has a biquintile.
Maybe that is for professional beauty?:)

- They also share the Moon trine Mercury.
It is easy for them to express emotions and to memorize words.

- Midpoint combinations of Jupiter/Neptune (the devoted adience).

Those are about seven to eight similarities in the chart! They mirror each other in many ways. And so do their charts.  Here they are with transits:

**) Sarah Palin and Silvio Berlusconi have the same aspect combination of ' controversial communications'. Palin has Mercury quintile Uranus, Berlusconi has Mercury inconjunct Uranus. It seems that a lot of astrologers have this combination, too:).


About Mel Gibson earlier longlasting marriage: 

Singer and celebrity George Michael got eight weeks last year. Here is the post about the transits and progressions (including Saturn and Pluto) that accompanied that period.

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*) Link leads to post about Mars and Eris related to war.

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