Tuesday, September 14, 2010

George Michael gets eight weeks

Wham! George Michael gets eight weeks in jail. See the NY Post…link...And that is news now that

a.    the transit midpoint of Saturn/Uranus is square his natal Sun (mirroring limited freedom),
b.    transit Saturn inconjunct his progressed Midheaven (reflecting a bad position including lost of respect) and
c.    transit Pholus square his natal Mars (showing the risk of a turning point in a fight or conflict).
d.    Also transit Neptune is inconjunct the midpoint Sun/Moon (disappointment and sadness or isolation) and
e.    progressed Sun/Moon is conjunct Orcus (an oath or broken promises in the spotlights).
f.     Very important is the transit of Pluto opposition his natal Sun: problem with self esteem and authorities…having to start all over again.
g.  Progressed Moon conjunct Progressed Midheaven: another indication of change and a condition to remember.

In times of trouble your transits are not alone…It takes at least 3 to tango. We see two inconjunction at the time and inconjunctions are often showing lack of balance or losts. Pluto is for challenges or stress. These threee observations are sufficient to show getting out of balance because of stress. It must be hard times for George Michael. And his friends expected these troubles. His friends were worried before (in December 2009). That is when I wrote (see http://astropost.blogspot.com/2009/12/chart-of-george-michael-worries.html) :
Transit Saturn is moving to the lowest spot in the chart (and it will only get better when Saturn - status - is going up). Transit Pluto is opposition his natal Sun; this rises the question 'do I have to change my lifestyle?'. Transit Saturn is square the natal Sun and will come back a few times to perfect the square. The combination of Saturn and Pluto is the combination of the 'die hard' and the disadvantages of power, politics, influence and money. With Saturn and Pluto on his tail, George Michael may find it even more difficult to control life than he uses to, but the Saturn and Pluto combination also is reflecting rigidity and refusal. Those aren't easy transits...
Also, with progressed AC/MC in hard aspect with natal Neptune we can see how addiction (and arts!) gets a growing and crucial influence. The progressed Ascendant conjunct Moon highlights the situation (and maybe introduces someone who cares) 
 This summer he hit a shop. http://astropost.blogspot.com/2010/07/george-michael-hits-shop.html That was with:
… transit Jupiter is inconjunct Uranus (for a 'relief, but..') and square Sun (in order to make you count your blessings) ánd sesquisquare progressed Sun (for a frustrating positive experience or for being found positive and be frustrated about it, see the Sun-Jupiter related doping cases).
Here is the chart with progressions and transits for today, September 14, 2010
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