Saturday, September 25, 2010

David and Ed Milliband

Chart of noon on the day of birth of Ed Milliband 
David Milliband has been defeated by his younger brother Ed and now Ed Milliband is the new leader of Labour. See the Times...Why not have a look at the positions of the days of birth of the brothers and see how the results are reflecting in their charts*)?

David Milliband was born July 15, 1965. Transit Pluto was square his Ceres today and transit Saturn is almost on his Mars. The progressed Sun is sextile Mars and the sextile with Mars offers an easy way out of a battle or struggle. There is no sign of success or joy.

Ed Milliband was born December 24, 1969
Today he has transit Pluto on the natal Sun and transit Jupiter was opposition natal Pluto. Sun, Jupiter and Pluto: that is a winning team. In the natal chart he has the same aspect combination. The tightest aspect in his chart is Sun in Capricorn trine Saturn, a statement for ambition and management. 

It is clear that the chart of Ed Milliband had the most fortunate aspects. The individual charts with Midheaven and Ascendant could have made a difference, but apparently they did not. 

Continue for the match between the brothers and for more charts...BTW: The competition is reflected by Mars inconjunct Mars.

The Suns of the brothers are in 3rd of Capricorn and 23rd of Cancer, a 160 degrees = quatronovile apart. That means that although they have different life styles or views, they enjoy being together. 
Chart of d.o.b. positions Ed Milliband and in green the position of the d.o.b. of his brother David Milliband

The Moons don't match much. Ed has a Moon Cancer, David has a Moon Aquarius. They might find each other in a sort of  'populism'. Cancer Moons have a sense for what the people need. Aquarius Moons are more distant but they see 'trends' before the Moon in Cancer does.

Mercury in Capricorn and Leo...different ways of thinking...possible difference in ideas. 

Venus in Sagittarius and Leo do match. That is a good sign for liking each other.

Mars is in a wider inconjunction with Mars: competition without  balance and one has to loose. Well, we have seen that.

All in all it is the sort of synastry that shows enjoying each other's company and ...discussions too. Seems perfect for brotherly competition:)

Here are the charts, progressions and transits:
Positions day of birth David Milliband with transits and progressions

PS  It is interesting that the Mars Pisces won and the Mars Libra lost. Mars is in a weak position in Libra. Mars in Libra wants to do it together and in a one to one fight, that is perhaps a weak position when it comes to competing (a brother).

Here are some ideas about interpreting Mars in Pisces and Mars in Libra. 
Mars in Libra: A difficult position for a marriage for Mars brings aggression and fights. You DO something when you see someone nice so maybe being loyal might not be easy.
But OK, you CAN work on a relationship and you can WORK together. As long as you and your partner have sport together or join in the job it is OK. Until bad times arise...
Mars in Pisces: Waste of energy or realising dreams...Your motivation is not from this world, you must have an ideal to work for. Otherwise you drift away, maybe as a professional swimmer:).


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