Thursday, September 23, 2010

Laughing Swiss politician

A Swiss politician named Hans-Rufolf Merz couldn't stop laughing when he answered questions about Bindenfleisch (don't ask me what kind of meat it is...see Wikipedia, continue for the link...) and that is a hit on the internet.  Why (or with what mirror in the sky)?
Transit Pholus is semisquare his progressed Sun now (a turning point in life) and Neptune is semisextile progressed Sun (a hype). These aspects are resonating the Sun semi square Neptune and sextile Pholus aspects in the natal chart.  Also progressed Mercury is quindecile natal Jupiter (for an obsessive success in communications). The combination of these three aspects might just end up in a somewhat embarresing experience in communications (at least, if he wasn't  trying to be funny:). He already appologized to the public worker whose answers he was reading. And the factory immediately produced a new wrapping with the Minister's face on it...

BTW, watch Mercury in Scoprio, biquintile Saturn and square Pluito. That is the signature of the communication strategy (the political mind). The combination of Mercury, Saturn and Pluto is frequent in the charts of politicians like American

See the hilarious video, too:

End read about Bindenfleisch/Bunnerfleisch on Wikipedia here...


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