Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Astropost: Synastry Brown-Blair (Mars inconjunct Saturn)

See Astropost: Synastry Brown-Blair (Mars inconjunct Saturn), now that Tony Blair published his memoires and his opinion about Gordon Brown. I quote:
" In the synastry between Gordon and Tony Gordon is Mars and Tony is Saturn, but...there is an inconjunction. And an inconjunction with Saturn shows disproportionate disadvantage and restrictions without balance. Mars inconjunct Saturn is a bad aspect in synastry. A deathly serious matter (Mars-Saturn) migth have caused that the two are at cross-purposes ever since. Of course, that is not all.

Their Moon signs don't match. Brown's Moon is in the royal and sophisticated Leo, while Blair's is in the rather 'indifferent' Aquarius. The Moon in Leo needs to be the boss and take the lead and all the while Tony Blair was the man in charge. Also, their Suns are 75 degrees apart (who is the boss, that is the question, again).

So in general, even though there is a basic sympathy the men have a competition problem and they have such different kind of styles and ways to react, that it will be hard for them to join the same family or party. And that is what they did:). "

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