Thursday, September 9, 2010

Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen and Pluto

Tomorrow, just a few minutes after posting this (starting on Friday September 10, 2010) there is Magnus Carlsen vs the World on Internet. Here is the link to where you can try to beat him:). ..

Chess prodigy Magnus Carlsen was born on November 30, 1990, just like Antoine N'Gossan, an Ivorian football midfielder and the Swedish football player of Beninese decent, Yosif Ayuba. Tactics and strategy are necessary in chess, football and politics. These qualities are represented by

Pluto is important in the chart of these three men. Pluto is the planet of orientation (the planet that rises before the Sun) on November 30, 1990. It means that tactics and strategy (and winning!) come first...
The importance of Pluto for his career is shown by the progression/transit at age 13, when Magnus Carlsen became a Grandmaster. That was with transit Pluto conjunct Progressed Sun (in a year of transformation and challenges)...

Continue for the other qualities in the chart of November 30, 1990 and see the links to more about Sun-Pluto and another prodigy.

Chart of 11-30-1990 with transits and progressions for Grandmaster-day

The importance of Pluto is evident. But it takes more than that. Another nice tool is ' being inventive' or  the ' helicopter view'*) . Those who were born on November 30, 1990, have a creative inventive mind (Jupiter biquintile Uranus). This biquintile is connected to the Sun by minor aspects (Sun 112.5 d= square and half semisquare Jupiter; Sun semi sextile Uranus). They also have a novile between Mercury and Pluto (for a happy strategic mind:). 
I would love to see the hour of birth of Magnus Carlsen. The individual chart shows the angular (prominent) positions. I wouldn't be surprised if Pallas (the symbol of patterns) had such a prominent place in the chart. 

Magnus Carlsen started young. He was 13 when he became a Grandmaster. It is easy to see how important Pluto is in his chart when it comes to his career. Because when he became a Grandmaster, it  was with 
Transit Pluto conjunct Progressed Sun. 
Pluto is often challenging. Sometimes Pluto means ' getting over' or ' winning'...

This example shows that there are different ways to use talents. It also makes a difference if you were thought to play chess or not, of course:).

... marks a period of dramatic changes. It takes some courage to overcome problems. In the end you might be strong enough to start all over again or to come back. Sometimes circumstances force or encourage you to start a new kind of living.
Another prodigy on this blog: Ainan Cawley...who was the cleverest 8th year old of the world...

Jupiter-Uranus is reflecting the helicopter view....More about Jupiter-Uranus and the charts of astrologers, astronauts, inventors and others who need an open mind here...


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