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USA today: Pholus on Ascendant?

Natal, transits and progressions for the Wall Street Crash in 1929

If the chart of the USA has a Sagittarius Ascendant, transit Pholus is now close to the USA’s Ascendant (and transit Pholus is already close to the Pluto of September 11. 2001). 
Pholus - Ascendant is often reflecting a turning point in a situation. The nation’s situation is changing, with the risk of damage (possibly caused by own decisions). It is not the only transit today. Transit Saturn inconjunct progressed Sun might stop certain developments and be depressing, but the progressed Sun trine natal Jupiter will follow a few days later. It seems to be a period of ups and downs with a chance of sudden windfall later and most of all: a turning point in history, in retrospective. 
Pholus is often indicating an important moment in retrospective. (Transit Pholus was exactly opposiition the Progressed Sun of President Obama, on the day that his idol J.F. Kennedy died. Even though Obama was only a todler then, this moment in history had impact.)

Pholus doesn't seem to offer insight in the nature of the starting moment of something that became important afterwards or later...I wonder what the importance of Pholus on the USA’s ascendant will be, when we look back at it later. Continue for some Pholus-moments in the history of the chart of the United States.

When was Pholus on the Ascendant, Sun or Midheaven before?
First of all: Pholus is square AC/MC of this USA chart. That means that the USA is a nation of ‘turning points’ or that the birth of the nation on that specific moment in Philadelphia was in fact the starting point for a major change in history, in retrospective. When the USA started, nobody could have imagined that it would be a leading country in the 20th century.

In September 1939, when the Germans attacked Poland and World War II started, transit Pholus was opposition the nation’s Sun. An opposition mostly refers to 'others' having influence on you. This influence was growing and growning, just like the war was.

On October 24, 1929 (Wall Street Crash) Transit Pholus was exactly sextile progressed Midheaven (and that is trine IC). Eris was on IC and Quaoar had been square Ascendant and sextile Sun just before (new perspectives and realities with discord and an opportunity to shoot your own feet). 
 If you stop considering trines as ‘ harmonious’  with the meaning of ‘nice’, and see trines as easy ways to reflect  whatever comes, it is clear that Pholus trine IC is mirroring the fundaments of the nation getting hurt. And in particular because Pholus is in the USA’s second house of money…(See the chart above)

Here is the chart of the USA today, with Pholus:
Natal, transits and progressions
for September 11, 2010
You could make a start with studying the reflection of Pholus with looking at the past, when Pholus was making an aspect with your (progressed or natal) positions. In retrospective, looking back, you might remember an incident (maybe not even a personal one) that started changing your lifestyle, behaviour, way of thinking, preferences, drives, ideas, career or situation. Something might have happened that had great influence on you. Transit Pholus was exactly opposition progressed Sun of Obama on November 22, 1963, the day that JFK died. Barack Obama was a todler in 1963. But the tragic death of JFK was important for the history of America and the late president Kennedy became the idol of millions, including Barack Obama...

More examples of the effect of Pholus.

Barack Obama's hero is John F. Kennedy. Almost a year ago I wrote about the charts of Barack Obama and John F. Kennedy and the Saturn-Uranus inconjunction in the chart of Obama meaning 'desperately holding on to old concepts'. Today it is the birthday of John F. Kennedy. I had a look at their charts again and noticed another inconjunction. Obama's Neptune is inconjunct JFK's Sun. That is the expression of worshipping another person (perhaps in a disproportionate way).
and see the labels...


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