Thursday, September 30, 2010

Alberto Contador, Jupiter and the positive test

Usually (or should I say: in the cases that I studied) there is a Sun-Jupiter combination in the charts, transits or progressions when someone is found positive in doping cases. Being positive CAN have a negative meaning.... I have written about that before (see the links).
This time Alberto Contador has been found positive (but it might just be a matter of food contamination, says Contador's publicist). Transit Jupiter is in an exact minor aspect with the progressed Sun (75 degrees). There is no aspect between the natal Sun in Sagittarius*) and Jupiter in the natal chart (unless 20 degrees distance has a meaning). More minor aspects with Pholus and Uranus mirror the upheaval and the conflict (like transit Pholus semi square natal Mars).

Time unknown chart of Contador

Sun-Jupiter transits and progressions keep popping up when doping is involved (or when someone is being found ‘ positive’). All about the negative positive Jupiter in doping cases:
and see the labels

News about Contador:

*) Jupiter is the dispositor of Sagittarius

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