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Jimi Hendrix final day

Jimi Hendrix died 40 years ago yesterday, on September 18, 1970. There is a post about the very clear easy reading natal chart on Art&Astrology. This post is about the transits and progressions on the day that he died after taking too many sleeping pills with wine and about the importance of Mars and Neptune in his natal chart.

The most important planets in the natal chart are Mars (oriental) and Neptune (elevated) and they are semi square and in aspect with the important midpoint Sun/Moon (the midpoint of motivations, hard and soul). With such a combination you might be driven by ideals, art, dreams, visions...But you might also loose or waste your energy because of the use and abuse of drugs or medications. It seems that Hendrix took the sleeping pills, not knowing that the British pills were stronger than the American were. That day, September 18, 1970 was a risky day for Jimi Hendrix. On that specific day we see a combination of danger, misunderstandings and risks:

1. Transit Saturn was on the progressed IC (indicating a final episode) and trine progressed Ascendant.  In the natal chart Saturn is sesquisquare Midheaven. 
The resonation of the transit sort of activated the promiss in the natal chart and it was the promiss of an early or untimely end of the career. 

2. Jupiter is conjunct the Descendant of the progressed chart. Natal Jupiter is exactly inconjunct the Ascendant of the natal chart. That means that Jupiter would be conjunct the cusp of the 8th house of life and deathin the equal house chart. The exact conjunction in the progressed chart is resonating the risk of death while on a journey (he was in England).

3. Also transit Mars is square natal Saturn. The combination of Mars-Saturn is the combination of energies ending and the risk of death.

Saturn (endings), the eight house (life and death) and the risk of death...on one specific not very fortunate day (with transit Sun square Ascendant)...Three is a crowd...But that is not all. Continue for the other transits and progressions, the chart drawing and more...

5. Transit Pholus opposition Node 
6. Progressed Sun 15 degrees from natal Pholus
(a turning point with the risk of shooting your own feet).

7. In addition transit Neptune is afflicting the Node 
8. Transit Node afflicting Mercury 
(misty communications, misunderstanding)

9. Progressed Mars/Neptune square progressed Moon (the Moon rules the eight natal house of life and death, Mars-Neptune sometimes refers to the use and abuse of drugs*). 

There were just too many difficult and dangerous transits and progresions on one day for a person who had access to pills and drugs and who was motivated (Sun/Moon) by allmost the complete spectrum of what is representing the symbols of the combination of Neptune and Mars*):
the driven artist, energetic visions, musical instruments and ...the use and abuse of drugs (like sleeping pills).

Mars and Neptune's importance:
*)Natal Sun/Moon semi square Neptune and Neptune semi square Mars. Mars and Neptune are the most important planets in the natal and progressed chart (oriental and elevated and connected to Sun/Moon).

See YouTube for Jimi Hendrix's experience...
See the reading of the natal chart. I like to add that the Midheaven is in aspect with Moon, Venus and Neptune (an exact half semi square!) so that the pattern of artistic talents is clearly visible...
See the post about Mars oriental (that is when Mars rises before the Sun, Mercury and Venus)...

Jimi Hendrix had an oriental Mars without major aspects (semi square Neptune). He hit the guitar and he used drugs. He was very productive, too. 

BTW It seems that Hendrix had wine and sleeping pills, but that he never used heroin or psychedelic drugs.


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