Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Laura Bush's Accident at age 17

Laura Bush wrote 'Spoken from the heart'. The sad story about the accident that cost the life of a young man and that was caused by a mistake of Laura Bush, made me have a look at her chart with progressions and transits for the fatal day. It is an Astrodatabank B-rated chart, but the progressed Midheaven square transit Neptune and Ascendant opposition Mercury seem to fit in the picture and these aspects are pretty close. Also watch transit Pholus close to Progressed Midheaven and square natal Ascendant (a crucial turning point). And see the progressed Sun sign changing: her life style was changing that year. Continue for the chart and the match with George W.Bush...

Laura Bush openend up in her book and that is not usual for a Moon Pisces and Sun Scorpio (a discrete combinantion).
Laura Bush has Sun square Saturn and perhaps that explains the responsibility that she felt and still feels. The combination of Sun conjunct Jupiter (rising before the Sun) and square Pluto is reflecting her successes.

Chart of George W.Bush (AA rated ADB) with transits of day of birth Laura
BTW She married when she was 31, rather late. Venus is quatronovile Uranus (rejoycing female independence?). One of the most interesting aspects between her chart and the chart of George W.Bush is her Saturn on his Ascendant (that is considered to be challenging*) and how about his Pluto and Ceres quare her Sun? There is an assisting aspect: her Sun/Moon opposition his she said': they were made for each other, they felt as if they belonged together. His Sun/Moon is square her Venus, which you might read as: her love is motivating him.
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