Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mars-Saturn and slapping

What's Mars-Saturn got to do with slapping? I see it in the chart of the bishop who resigned after having to admit to have slapped children. A Dutch criminal who used to beat up those who didn't want to pay for protection has Mars square Saturn and a bad heart. I see it in the chart of a mother who used to beat her children. I noticed it in the chart of my late dog (very nice doggy, never been hit, never bit me, but I know that she had been bitten in her ears often by her brothers and sisters when she was a little puppy).

It is about restricted energy, being cut short, about discipline. I saw the more beneficial aspects in the charts of heroe soldiers who were brave in hard times and beat obstacles. It is also the aspect in the chart of men who worked hard (and sometimes gained little): they were blocked when they tried to beat the status quo. Sometimes Mars-Saturn is hard labour, sometimes the aspect is reflecting being beated by parents or other father figures.

So let us say that discipline and being disciplined is the magic word. That explains why the effort to discpline (hard) is an issue in the chart of a man who wanted to dicipline the hard way. An aspect doesn't tell 'who done it'. It is just illustrating an issue in a person's life.

BTW With transit Pholus inconjunct natal Mars there is a chance to get hurt and to hit a turning point at work.See the Pholus files (click the label). That is what happened with Walter Mixa: he resigned.

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PS I wrote about Evo Morales and Reyes once that they have a Mars-Saturn synastry and that that is like a nail on a coffin. In the meantime I found out that enemies often have this Mars-Saturn combination in synastry.