Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chart of serial killer Ronald Janssen

Ronald Janssen is a teacher and most probably a serial killer, but certainly a rapist. He was born February 6, 1971 at 12h15 in a place near Hasselt, says John Timperman, Belgian astrologer in Aquarius May-June 010. Janssen has been arrested this year and admitted to have killed two of his neighbours, among other violent crimes. He said that they made him angry. Mars is the symbol of aggression and sex, the soldier and the man in general. Mars is very important here. Why?

Mars is conjunct Aldebaran,
Mars is opposition Ascendant
Mars is the first rising outer planet
Masr is semi square Sun/Moon and
Mars doesn't make aspects within a 5 degree orb.

That makes Mars extremely important in the chart and the issues of a ' calling' , oriental and angular Mars on Aldebaran will be the issues to deal with for the chart holder. Ronald Janssen is motivated by Mars at any possible level and Mars (energy, production, aggression) is of crucial importance for him.

The second important observation: there are minor aspects between Saturn, Mars (157.5; sesquisquare and half semi square) and Pluto (sesquisquare) so that the combination of death threat and unnatual death is in the chart, including the most important planet of the chart! Minor aspects often reveal hidden issues...He appeared to be a normal teacher.

The third thing: PHOLUS. Pholus is on top of the chart. Not long ago, transit Pholus crossed the Descendant and Mars. In the progressed chart Pholus is the first rising object! Pholus seems to have a similar effect as Pluto, but in a more ' vigorous' way.

Difficulties in the relationship with women might be indicated by the conflicts of Pluto with Moon and Venus. The Venus-Saturn-Pluto combination together with the minor Mars-Saturn-Pluto makes passions rather cruel. Janssen is a divorced father of two.

The chart is the chart of a man who has problems with women, but he is even more the kind of man who is aggressive without much control.


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