Friday, April 30, 2010

Chart, progressions, transits of Anne Frank

Almost everybody knows who Anne Frank was and what her short life was like. Many of us grew up with the diary of Anne Frank.

Here below is her chart. The chart doesn’t inform us about her actual circumstances and about the war and the holocaust. So, we have to read the chart giving the circumstance that she was a Jewish girl in a country occupied by an army sent by people who wanted to eliminate Jews. Hard and difficult transits and progressions are harder for those in difficult circumstances. See for example the post about transit Saturn in times of war that I wrote before. In this post I want to show how the transits and progressions corresponded (and are still corresponding) with her life and legacy.

On August 4, 1944 Anne Frank was arrested. There is one ‘harmonious’ or ‘ soft’ transit on that day: Progressed Ascendant trine Uranus, the culminating planet in her chart. It could be interpreted as ‘an easy way to independence and freedom’ and in a way she was ‘ freed’ from the attic. But, there is also P IC inconjunct Quaoar: an unbalancing new reality related to her home…The combination of Uranus and Quaoar with Midheaven suggests sudden new realities.

There was unfortunately a very bad sign: transit Saturn is on her Sun and about to square Midheaven. Saturn is the symbol of endings. A period in her life ended and it started to end her life. Pholus is in the 21st of Capricorn, quindecile Saturn and Sun. Pholus refers to turning points and an aspect of 165 degrees informs us about obsession or intense focus: on endings and separations.

Here is her birth chart with transits and progressions for the day of her arrest.

She didn’t die that day. She died in March 1945, of typhus. In those days Pholus was square her progressed Midheaven and transit Neptune was square progressed Sun and sesquisquare natal Sun. Neptune was also close to the IC. She was ill and weak and Neptune rules the 8th equal house, the house of life and death.

We all get such aspects and transits sometimes, but then there is a doctor, antibiotics and we haven’t been starved to death before. That is why the Saturn and Neptune in Anne Franks’ case hit that hard: awfull circumstances. It is the oriental Jupiter that is reflecting the positive and international known girl that she will always remain. Transit Jupiter was inconjunct progressed Midheaven (and trine Pholus) when she died. The inconjunction is always unbalancing and sometimes refers to a lost.

Through her diary the memory of Anne Frank has been kept alive. Her progressed chart keeps corresponding with events related to her and to her diary. On the day that her diary was first mentioned in a newspaper (April 3, 1946) her progressed Sun was exactly square Midheaven and transit Jupiter was about to be in opposition with progressed Midheaven (that when a publisher was found). With P Sun trine Saturn and Uranus trine P MC in July 1999 she became one of the 100 most important persons. And when a group of persons tried to save the tree before her house, transit Jupiter was opposition her natal Sun with transit Saturn inconjunct natal Midheaven. Even today Anne Frank is an important icon. CNN writes about ‘ her’ tree today (see the picture of it above). (Link to CNN about the tree and Anne Frank

ALSO READ: chart of the late Miep Gies...the woman who found and kept the diary of Anne Frank and handed it over to Anne's father when it was clear that Anne would not come back.


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