Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Uranus-Neptune scandalous transits

Last week Raniero Cantalamessa read a ‘ letter from a Jewish person’ - who compared the upheaval around abuse by priests with the Holocaust! - and caused another row in the media doing so…Here is his chart of his day of birth with transits related to scandal and upheaval: Neptune sesquisquare progressed Sun and transit Uranus quindecile progressed Sun. The present scandal in the church of course has a strong effect on any priest or monk, but Cantalamessa is one of the messengers of the RC Church. His function brought him into trouble and problems and the news (Uranus) in a negative way (afflicted Neptune). Uranus is the planet of news, incidents, surprises and controversy (and more...). Neptune is the symbol of fantasy, vision, beliefs, the media, but also of shame, and any word starting with mis..

Uranus and Neptune have been 'working together' for the last past years; they are about 30 degrees apart and that is a semi sextile aspect. Also they are in each other's sign (Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius), so in ' mutual reception'. That makes the effect of the semisextile more intense. As Neptune is the symbol of faith and beliefs, while Uranus is the symbol of upheaval it may be no surprise that there is a lot of upheaval today in the Roman Catholic Church as this church is strongly related to the sign of Pisces and to Neptune (salvation, devotion, convents, and sacrifices).

This is the chart of the day of birth of Cantalamessa. In the natal chart Cantalamessa’s Pluto is rising before the Sun. That makes him a politician: strategy first, always taking care of the impact and influence of what he does or says. But in the progressed chart the first outer planet is now Neptune, conjunct Moon: emotions and religion come first. When the Moon is rising before the Sun, bias, emotions and the need to show where you belong sometimes take over. In those cases people start following their needs and instinct. Also, his natal Sun is square Uranus and conjunct Pluto and that is the recipe for dramatic upheaval and ' radical' impulsive action. See the post about Uranus and Pluto for more...

The words of Cantalamessa might be his own but they have an effect on the Pope, too. The synastry of the charts of the Pope and Cantalamessa shows strong influences.

- The Pluto of Cantalamessa is square the Pope’s Sun (there is influence and authority in the relationship).

- Pholus is opposition Mars and inconjunct Venus in the chart of the Pope (reflecting a turning point in passions).
The Pholus of the Pope is inconjunct the natal Sun and opposition the Venus of Cantalamessa, so that this turning point or starting point is strongly influencing the life and choices of Cantalamessa.

It is interesting that the symbols of challenges and change (or difficulties and problems that seem to be out of control) are the binding elements between Cantalamessa and Pope Benedict.

(BTW The Venus of the priest is conjunct the Mars and semi sextile the Venus of the Pope. Maybe that refers to admiration for the passion and drive of Benedict XVIth).
A besides: Cantalamessa means ' Singing the mass'. I don't know if this was Raniero's real last name.


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Anonymus said...

I do not know what exactly is going on down there in Vatica, but their judgment is incredibly confused...

Just as you said, a situation out of control that they are proving incapable of mastering...
They add an error to another one...

If one has no strategy to face these problems it would be better to have one and **then** to speak out...