Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Venus and Pholus of Whoopi Goldberg

Oops, Whoopi Goldberg confessed that she has been untrue, too! I couldn’t believe it just like that, I just had to see her chart. And there he was: Pholus, now conjunct her progressed Mercury (symbol of communications). It was perhaps a statement that was ‘ bubbling up’; sort of a message in bottle, uncorked just like that...
The conjunction of Progressed Mercury and natal Pholus reveals a mental turning point. Pholus is also semi sextile her progressed Sun and transit Saturn is semi square her natal Sun/Moon midpoint (and that might make her family life a little colder today).

Of course it takes a marriage or a relationship to be able to cheat.
In the natal chart we see Jupiter in the 7th house (multiple marriage), conjunct Pluto (perhaps for an awful lot of marriages). I checked the internet and found out that she married and divorced three times. For more about multiple marriages, click this link to see the post on this blog.
BTW Jupiter and Pluto are in hard minor aspect with the midpoint of Ascendant and Midheaven and that is a statement for success.

Her Venus is ‘ calling’ on Midheaven; this is reflecting entertainment and style at any possible level, related to her career. The Moon is also important (in Scorpio, rising before her Sun and quintile Jupiter; she has a strong need to defend those of her party, side, family etcetera). Neptune is the first outer planet rising before the Sun. Moon, Venus and Neptune are important. That is how I see the pattern of artistic talent in her chart. There is also a novile between Venus and Neptune.

The same pattern also shows romantic feelings (Moon and Venus for feelings, Neptune for romance). Thats one of the reasons why there are so many divorces in the world of entertainment. The fact that Venus is calling on Midheaven and in the sign of Sagittarius ' helps' to ' hunt' in love. Sagittarius is not the most faithful position for Venus. A Venus in Sagittarius in a bad marriage loves to pack her bags or take a short trip if she can. Whoopi could.
You see, her Uranus doesn’t make major aspects in 5 degrees or in sign and that makes her Uranus ‘ calling’, too. Uranus is the symbol of rebellion, independence and upheaval, now and then. Did I already mention that Mars in Libra is ‘ calling’? With Venus and Mars ‘ calling’ this is what you get: passion, anyhow, somehow. Seven positions in fixed signs didn’t keep her in her marriages and even didn’t stop her from seeing others or from keeping this a secret, in spite of her Scorpio Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn. That is how strong a ' calling' Venus, Mars, Moon and Uranus are.
(With a bit of fantasy you could read the prominent four like this: need for passionate adventures... or driven by falling in love again and again...It all depends on who and where and in what age (and time or place) you are with such a combination. The combination and in particular the prominent Venus is also reflecting the fun that she has and that she gives us with her characters.)

What Whoopi said was related to the troubles of Tiger Woods and she probably ment to support him. His Jupiter is biquintile her Sun and her Jupiter is quintile his Mars and square his Venus. Jupiter is the reflection of support and in this case of mutual help.

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