Saturday, April 24, 2010

Belgian bishop quits

Roger Vangheluwe quit his job (bishop) after confessing the abuse of a boy (a family member). There are questions about his involvements in covering up similar cases of other professionals in the R.C. Church. His step of course changes his life in many ways and his progressed chart shows it.

His progressed chart has the Sun in the final degree of a sign (that is a sign of a changing life style) and the progressed Sun was recently opposition natal Pluto (difficulties, challenges). Together with transit Pholus square Venus - a turning point in sympathies and preferences - there are 3 signs of changing times in his chart right now. Also progressed Venus is conjunct Saturn, resonating the Venus square Saturn in the natal chart. It is a combination of regret.
More aspects right now: transit Saturn and Uranus in a soft aspect with progressed Sun - breaking free-.

- The combination of religion is in his chart. Sun is novile Jupiter and sextile Neptune.
- Mars is rising before the Sun. That is often the sign of an activist, a soldier or the promoter. Mars is also the symbol of sexuality and men or manhood. The orientation is on that symbol. Mars is in Virgo and in minor aspect*) with Pholus (105 degree).
- The tightest aspect is Venus square Neptune (one of the indications for divorce or not getting married in the chart of a man). It is also a combination of artistic talent. In the chart of a priest this might point at a conflict between preferences and beliefs.
- Jupiter conjunct Nodes indicates support of the community.

Without hour of birth there is not much more to add. Just that he said that the abuse was in the period before and after he became a bishop. That was December 15, 1984, with transit Pluto sextile progressed Sun and the progressed Sun in minor aspect with the Venus-Neptune square. See the chart here below.

*) Minor aspects often point at something hidden, latent or unseen.


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