Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jupiter, Saturn and Chris Kamara

Chris Kamara, popular reporter, was not paying attention and didn't have a clue about the red card in a football match and now all the world knows. His progressed Sun is quindecile Uranus for being 'a hype' (on YouTube). And transit Jupiter is square his 'calling'(NA) Saturn. Saturn is rising before the Capricorn Sun and that is statement for 'duty first, at any possible level'. So I guess that missing cards is not his habit.

Why Jupiter now? His honesty (Jupiter) is the reason that he still has a lot of supporters;). +++Moon trine Jupiter in the natal chart, of course!
See for example the nice comment of the Spectator...

Cruijff said: 'Every disadvantage has an advantage'. Or vice versa? I think that that is a typical Jupiter-Saturn statement. Cruijff, btw, has the Sun quatrinovile Jupiter and square Saturn, so he knows how it works:)


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