Friday, April 30, 2010

Algol, George Clooney, dead bodies and bombs

George Clooney has been confronted with issues of life and death related to his house lately. First they found a dead body near his house and now they discovered a large amount of arms (bombs and granates) less than 15 meters from the walls of his house. This happens to him with:
- transit Pholus in hard aspect with AC/MC (crucial turning point; the catalyst to basic changes)
- the progressive Scorpio Moon square Jupiter and 75 degrees from Uranus (moment of relief)
- progressed MC in minor hard aspect with Vesta
(indicating domestic issues)
- transit Node trine Sun and progressed Sun sextile Node
(good relationship with the community)
Also, the progressed Ascendant is conjunct Algol, the 'demon star'. In classical astrology Algol is considered to be a (or should I say: THE) most unfortunate -binary -fixed star. Maybe that explains?

Here is the progressed chart of George Clooney. For the birth chart and talent of George Clooney,see the post on Art&Astrology.

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