Friday, April 16, 2010

Liberal Nick Clegg

The people of England have more than just two choices on May 6, election day. There is Gordon Brown, there is David Cameron and there is the winner of the debate today: Liberal Nick Clegg, born January 7, 1967, time unknown. On the day after Election day we see this:

- His progressed Sun has changed sign (a new way of living)
- Transit Jupiter is conjunct his natal Uranus and his progressed Venus
- Progressed Venus conjunct natal Uranus
- Progressed Mars square natal Jupiter
- Transit Chiron on progressed Sun

Without hour of birth these positions are only part of the story. Still, those are (mostly) good signs of sudden pleasant surprises (a nice windfall) and of success. His chart is the most postive one of three in this matter: he gains votes, I guess (or he has a very pleasant party at home:). He has already outpolled Labour once, so he is a serious candidate.

His ‘ calling’ Mercury enables him to communicate at any possible level and that is important for a politician. Mercury is in aspect with Jupiter/Pluto (for a great vocabulary). Maybe sometimes he says too much (Mercury-Neptune) or is not ‘ clear ‘ enough, but this definitely was not so yesterday, in the debate.

I think that Jupiter holds a special position in his chart (symbol of the international). He speaks 5 languages, has a Dutch mother who was born in Indonesia and a Spanish wife (he met her in Bruges). He also worked for the European Commission. That is why I would not be surprised to see the symbol of the international (and in his chart the leading planet in an open angle pattern) on one of the angles in his personal chart. However, he also has that Sagittarian Moon to express the need to be liberal and international.


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