Sunday, April 11, 2010

Chart of judge Baltasar Garzón

In Spain a judge has to appear before court because ultra right groups like Manos Limpios (Clean hands) have accused him.

Judge Baltasar Garzón is leading the corruption inquiry named 'Gürtel'. The accused are linked to the main right wing Partido Popular. Now ultra right admirors of General Franco (the late dictator) accuse Garzón of twisting the rules of law and overreaching powers when he investigated the case of dissappeared victimes in the period of Franco (the civil war). He is been accused of ignoring the Ley de Amnistía of 1977 (a law that permitted the crimes to be left unpunished). This is a very delicate matter in Spain (as in Argentina).
The killers of unarmed enemies have never been on trial. But Garzón: he has to face the judge. "No entiendo nada. ¿Al final va a volver a ganar Falange?" (I don't understand this. Is the Falange going to win in the end?) There is a lot of upheaval in the media, mirrored by Uranus square his Sun. See El País for more and for pictures...

There are a few transits and progressions of interest:

- Transit Uranus square progressed Sun (upheaval, news about you)
- Transit Saturn retrograding towards a square with progressed Sun
- Progressed Midheaven will be square Saturn again this year
- Progressed Ascendant is inconjunct the natal Sun
- Progressed Ascendant trine natal Uranus
(and now we see the combination of restricted freedom, being stopped and the fight against it)

- Transit Jupiter inconjunct Vesta
(perhaps for the overload of dedication that is not in his favour now?)

- And a progressed Sun moving to the final degrees of the sign to indicate that his lifestyle will shortly change
- Progressed Sun trine natal Jupiter (for being supported and ... judged)
- Progressed Sun will be trine Pluto within one year
(this is the combination of success and winning or being valued)

- Transit Pluto is conjunct progressed Mercury (mental stress)

- Progressed Moon trine Neptune and conjunct transit Neptune (hope and sentimental or negative feelings, the influence of the media).

It is not surprising to see so many reflections of an important event like this.

Garzón has a 'calling' Moon, Mercury and Mars, with Neptune rising before the Sun and in aspect with AC/MC. This is not the combination of being without bias. He is a compassionate idealist fighting for a cause. He also tried to 'get' Berlusconi, Henry Kissinger, ETA and army officers in Argentina who tortured students to death. This dedication is also the reason why he makes enemies (but perhaps he likes to fight them: Mars novile Pluto).

The political and strong willed sign Scorpio is on Midheaven, with Jupiter and Pluto quintile the MC, mirroring creative successes. With Sun square Uranus he is different than the rest, also in his conservative branche (inter non pares). With Mercury quintile Uranus his ideas are also considered to be controversial, though he has creative ways to express them. He may be right, but in his society he is rather controversial. Moon inconjunct Uranus also gives the need to be different and sometimes that need causes so much controversy that the goals won't be reached.
See Cafe Astrology about Moon inconjunct Uranus...

Garzón is also dedicated (Vesta) and fanatic (Scorpio). The symbol of decidation, Vesta, doesn't make any aspect and transit Vesta is now on top of his chart, trying him. Read 'Una injusticia en España'(Injustice in Spain) - easy to be translated by Google - here.

His case reminds me of Simon Wiesenthal. He also had a 'calling' Moon in the 2nd degree of a sign (105 degrees from Uranus), Pluto in aspect with Midheaven and Mars inconjunct Pluto to illustrate the strongly driven personality, fighting for justice for victims of war. One of the notes of Reinhold Eberting regarding the Mars-Pluto combination is 'victims of war'. The issue is important in the lives of Garzón and Wiesenthal. For more about the combination of Mars and Pluto, see the label.


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