Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bobby Brown lives

Bobby Brown is an R&B singer-songwriter, occasional rapper, and dancer (watch the Venus-Uranus opposition for sense of rhythm), the ex-husband of Whitney Houston. The news about Bobby (real name is Robert Barisford) is that he is alive. That is what Seven-sided Cube reports after twitters about Bobby Brown’s death. Fact: he did see the doctor in hospital, there were pictures of him in bed and his representative said that Bobby had a heart attack. Bobby says that he is alive and kicking.

Charts, transits and progressions mirror the actual situation, like the water in the fjord mirrors the hills. There is a difference between the mirror and the real situation (shaped and coloured by other elements than the mirroring water in the picture). Every astrological reflection needs knowledge of the material situation in order to ' read' the possible interpretation in real life. We don't know the hour of birth of Bobby Brown and we don't know all the circumstances. That is why it would have been easy to misjudge the composition of astrological indications in the chart below. It is not an easy going chart. Several serious transits and progressions accompany the news about his supposed death and the interesting thing is that these transits and progression are like a warning. Saturn and Neptune (combination of illnesses) are linked by Uranus and Sun (news/health). Also the Mars, Saturn and Pluto combination is reflecting danger (or fear) of death. Maybe his short stay in hospital helped him understand to take better care of himself, who knows.These combinations don’t imply death or near death. They just indicate the fact that the issue of death and being ill is a very hot item in this period of his life.

Virtually he WAS (considered to be) death for a few hours and his chart could be read as 'supporting' the rumours. As Mars is inconjunct Saturn in his natal chart, the theme of death and hitting too hard already is important. One of the persons he slapped was his wife Whitney Houston. (More about Mars-Saturn and slapping on this blog...)

Here is the chart drawing and a list of the transits with the positions on his day of birth and progressions:

Progressed Sun trine Neptune (seems that he is in ‘ isolation’ because he is working on a new album and perhaps he is living in dream land, finding inspiration:)
Transit Saturn opposition progressed Sun (a period ending? The opposition is the question mark…)
Transit Uranus conjunct progressed Sun and trine Neptune: the hype…(physical: danger of losing consciousness)
The combination of Saturn and Uranus could point at limited freedom or the will to break free (out of hospital?)
Progressed Sun in the final degrees of Pisces…life style changing
Transit Pluto square Jupiter (the price to pay for success)
Transit Pluto semi square natal Mars and 105 degrees from natal Saturn (in the natal chart Mars inconjunct Saturn); this might be the reflection of pain or fear.

Bobby Brown is the ex-husband of Whitney Houston. His Venus is oppostion her Juno, there Suns are also in opposition and the Moons are inconjunct. More about the match of the famous couple on Astrolgy & Love (link).
Whitney Houston seems to be attractive in the eyes of violent males. Here is part of my reading of Osama Bin Laden's chart:
In August 2006 an 'ex-sexslave' of Osama told the media that he was obsessed by Whitney Houston and even planned murdering her husband. It is astrologically a case of counterparts. Whitney Houston is a Leo and Osama a Pisces (difficult combinations basically). The Moon of Whitney is in Aries and his in Cancer (difficult to live together or to get used to the different habits.) His Mercury is opposed to hers (problems communicating). Her Venus is in a very narrow inconjunction to his Venus (they cannot match preferences). Her Mars is sesqui square his (good for a fight or not longlasting sexual attraction). Her Pluto opposes his Venus and Mercury (that makes the attraction very intense). Check it yourself: Whitney Houston is born 9th August 1963.


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