Sunday, May 3, 2015

The chart of baby girl

Here is the chart of the little princess born yesterday with in green the natal positions of her mother, Duchess Catherine (or Kate). Interesting, how two to the symbols of motherhood (Moon and Ceres) of the mother are connected to the chart of the baby. The Ascendant of the princess is conjunct her mother's Moon. The Sun of the princess is opposition the Ceres of her mother.

The chart has a Taurus Sun, Libra Moon and Cancer Ascendant with  Moon in Libra trine an Out of Bounds Venus in Gemini. It sounds like a sweet little girl. Ceres (symbol of motherhood, genes, dynasty) is also OOB and Mars is 'calling'. This is the chart of someone who will have good taste, interest in arts and energy at any possible level (sometimes none, sometimes an overload). Baby girl has a nice ladylike chart and I read that the public already likes her looks.

BTW did you know that has a child's horoscope with a free try out edition? I tried this one and it is full of grace and kindness in the texts...:)

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