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The Taurus astrologer in the chart of John Frawley

The combination of the helicopter view is Jupiter-Uranus. Jupiter-Uranus combinations are frequent in the charts of astronauts, modern popes and …astrologers. The chart of British astrologer John Frawley is such a good example! Here it is:

Jupiter conjunct Uranus,
Sun sextile Uranus,
Jupiter sextile Sun
Also, Jupiter and Uranus are in a wider trine with Midheaven in Scorpio.
Jupiter and Uranus are in hard aspect with Venus, too.

That is a lot of Jupiter/Uranus, and it is all connected to Pallas, the symbol of patterns.
Here is his chart, with transits and progressions, the Porphyry way.
Need one know more? Well, John Frawley is a classical astrologer. 

He teaches traditional and horary astrology and wrote ‘The Real Astrology’ (a satirical approach of modern astrology).
Saturn doesn’t make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. His Saturn is on Midheaven. That is why Saturn is the most prominent planet in the chart. Saturn is the symbol of ‘classical’… and in this chart Saturn is ‘calling’!

John Frawley is a famous astrologer.

Jupiter and Pluto are in aspect with the MC, promising public success.

There is also a Jupiter-Neptune aspect, connected with the Sun, that explains the dedicated audience/students and the number of fans that he has.

Now how does the sun sign Taurus mirror his life style? It may be in the price of a consultation  Well, isn't Taurus supposed to like making money?:) But there are more ways to demonstrate that you are a Taurus. Earlier I wrote about the correspondence between Taurus astrologers Deborah Houlding and William Lilly:

Because now I have to find out what William Lilly and Deborah Houlding share. I found this site ( ) with Lilly's 'Christian Astrology' retyped and with comments of Deborah Houlding. Perhaps that it is the continuity of working on that basic material that demonstrates the fixed and earth side of Taurus?
 Now I can add John Frawley (also recommending Lilly's Christian Astrology): Taurus and continuity of working on basic material.

It is his 60st birthday today and there are a 3 transits of Pluto with his natal and progressed chart. 
1. Pluto is conjunct Progressed Midheaven, 
2. Pluto is inconjunct natal Mercury and 
3. Pluto is conjunct natal Ascendant. 
Transits of Pluto might be more disturbing if you are not a traditional astrologer, but what if there are 3 of them? This usually means: challenges and stress. 
Perhaps that was (only) because of the failing website? On April 21, 2015 he wrote:'My website's come  back to life'. Interesting that Pluto is the symbol of come backs, crisis and matters of life and death...:)


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