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Living under the Moon

I am thinking out loud about the Moon and women's lib. You see, about 25 years ago I was in a class with an astrologer who claimed that men are subject to the Sun, while women live 'under the Moon', a less brigther light:). He had the same ideas about other races and about catholics, by the way. Even astrology can be used to confirm biased ideas.

Of course, women's periods are related to the Moon, in astrology. But it does not mean that women should be subject to their periods. Or that the Moon would not have influence in the chart of a man. On the contrary, there are men who are ruled by the moon:). But unfortunately this astrologer was right about 80% of the women in the world. Most of the time, women ARE living under their Moon. The Moon symbolizes house, children, tradition, role models and 'being a lesser light'. Only when the Sun (the male, the father or husband or any other male) is away, her light can shine. That is still the fact today, International Women's Day 2009. But also men can be forced to follow tradition and 'live under the Moon'.

When the Moon is prominent in a female's chart, the way the Moon is expressed depends on the social, cultural and economical position of the female. But often she finds a career in education or care taking. Unless she follows the family traditions to become a politician or to rule the family estate, women with a prominent Moon are likely to owe their position in society to the fact that they are 'ruled by their periods'. Even those women in countries with equal right face inequality in wages, position and possibilities, unless they have more 'balls' and fortune than others. Famous women most of time are beautiful women. They make a career by marriage or as an actor. Even in politics and also in the common office a pretty face (in the eyes of males) contributes to success. Another way to express the prominent Moon is by being a prominent feminist (see link below).

But, also males are bound by the nature of the Moon.

When the Moon in a male's chart is on top, rising before the Sun or 'calling' (not making major aspects within orb 5 degrees or in sign), then the Moon is prominent in his chart. Unlike other males he will want to educate, care or demonstrate emotional bindings. In some cases men with prominent Moons will be eager to be in the company of women. It is not that they are feminish, not at all. They just show the importance of the symbol of the Moon in their lives. In many cultures, this prominent Moon has difficulties to be expressed. For example when traditional role models forbid that men and women 'trade places' and in those countries where fashion and tradition has not changed for hundreds of years. The 'country' life didn't often allow a person to study, write poetry or to become a doctor. Even not if you were a male. The Moon is also the symbol of 'the kind of folks you belong to'. And if their are restrictions (Saturn, Pluto) related to the Moon, it will be hard or difficult to do what you long to do.

The Moon is also important in the charts of actors. What they do is 'reflecting lives', they impersonate another person (but they are not the 'light' itself). That is why the Moon is related to acting, but the Moon also is the symbol of keeping memories alive, history, environtment and archives. What has to be KEPT or MEMORIZED is related to the Moon. The first things we learn in life, we learn by imitating our mother and by remembering and memorizing words. Without the astrological vocabulary related to the Moon, we would not be educated. That is why it is important to respect mothers and those who teach children to behave in general.

The position of the Moon in astrology is that of an important light. But the Moon is not a star. It is just a large and close rock that shines at night and sometimes the Moon doesn't even shine at all. It crossed my mind that the same goes for the Sun on cloudy days (and there are a lot of cloudy days in the North, were women have more equal rights than in sunny nations). Just kidding. I hope it won't make a difference in future for all women all over the world.

Examples of males with an important Moon:

Prince (7th June 1958, 17h17 Minneapolis) has the Moon in Pisces opposition MC and Pluto (and trine Neptune, sextile Venus and square Mercury). Notice the pattern of artistic talent! And so: he became an artist.

Bo Derek (20 November 1956, 14:13 ST Long Beach CA) has the Moon in Cancer trine Neptune and opposition Midheaven and she became an actor after she was a ...model.

Björn Borg's Moon is rising before the Sun and in Taurus, without making major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. This calling Moon lead him into fashion after his career as a tennis player.

Bill Gates Moon is elevated, but it would be an astrologer's joke to say that he is the man of the HOME computer because of that, wouldn't it? There is so much more in his chart.

Madame de Pompadour had a Moon square Ascendant in Taurus. Attraction was very important in her life. She attracted the king of France and became his mistress.

The Moon is important in the charts of feminists Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem that you can see in this post...

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