Saturday, March 14, 2009

Transit Ceres opposition Ascendant

In addition to my post about famous chef cooks and the importance of Ceres (symbol of nutrition)...Only now I realize that Ceres is exactly opposition my natal Ascendant and that might explain why I am so busy cooking 'haute cuisine' lately. Ceres is conjunct my Sun/Moon midpoint and though I am not the kind of woman who loves the household (on the contrary, or else I would not blog so much), from time to time I feel the urgent need to prepare new kind of meals (and I love stews and soups).

Sun/Moon sheds a light on an urgent need, as Noel Tyl tells us. Often this leads us to a vocation. Sometimes not, but it is not too late for me (is not it...?:).

For more info about midpoints and Sun/Moon or Ceres, click the labels below.


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