Thursday, March 5, 2009

An execution with Jupiter trine Uranus: Kenneth Morris

Today a man was executed in Texas. It was on his 38th birthday. So, he was born 4 March 1971. I don't know where and at what hour and in what kind of a neighbourhood or family. But I do know that he had Jupiter exactly trine Uranus and semi sextile Sun when he died. The combination of Jupiter and Uranus is always there when a positive change occurs. Reinhold Ebertin spoke off the 'Thank God combination'. Sometimes death is a relief and perhaps a positive change.

Kenneth Morris was convicted for the murder of a man during a robery at his home. He did it without a reason. He had already been given 1800 dollars. But he had an oriental Mars square Pluto and quintile Uranus. He had quite a difficult chart with 70% in the nervous movable signs. At a certain level we see a busy nervous kind of man who has sudden impulses of agression (using violence). In some occasions and social positions this kind of a chart easily leads to crime. We see the theme of unnatural death in his chart reflected by Pluto 157.5 Mars/Saturn.

Today Morris said he was sorry and ready to go home. That is the effect of a Jupiter trine Uranus.

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