Thursday, March 19, 2009

Astrological New Year (Spring!) 2009

Astrological New Year is near. It is the moment that the Sun is at exactly Zero Aries, when spring starts! Above is the chart for that moment and it is a nice chart. The most prominent placements are for the elevated Moon, the not aspected Jupiter and for Uranus, rising before the Sun. Jupiter and Uranus reflect astrology as you may see in the post about Jupiter, Uranus and the charts of astrologers. And... Jupiter/Uranus is what Ebertin called the 'Thank God combination'! The symbols of relief are important in the natal chart of 'our' new year!
Together with the elevated satelite of the earth we see Moon, Jupiter and Uranus prominent, reflecting positive change. It is a sign of hope, just like spring itself. Let us hope that this chart (for Zero Aries in the worlds' economical capital New York) will indeed be the trend setter for the rest of 2009.

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Anonymous said...

Good new astrological year!

Um abraço


Astromarkt said...

Thanks and Bon Novo to you, António!