Monday, October 26, 2009

Chart, progressions and transits of Lloyd Webber

It is not unusual that transit Pluto is there, where health problems occur. Transit Pluto is now square the natal Sun and inconjunct the progressed Sun of Andrew Lloyd Webber, who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Pluto is always there where it takes courage and strength, in periods of stress and intense feelings of being alive. Fortunately, transit Jupiter is square natal Midheaven and opposition natal Mars. That is a positive sign for a treatment with results, and for the support of many. This is in particular so, since Jupiter is in the lucky 5th house, ruling the 5th house, while Mars rules the ninth house (another pleasant house!). Let us hope that he enjoys this positive effect soon.

For an overview of the pattern of artistic talents of Andrew Lloyd Webber, see Art&Astrology for the same date as this post...Here I like to point at the position of Ceres on Midheaven, symbolizing the importance of genes and roots, together with talents (Ceres is conjunct Venus in Taurus). Andrew Lloyd Webber was born into an artistic family.


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