Sunday, October 4, 2009

Death of Shoichi Nakagawa

In February this year I wrote about Shoichi Nakagawa, a Japanese politician and his (time unknown) chart. That was with transit Saturn conjunct his progressed Sun (he was stepping back) after misbehaviour. In his natal chart the Sun is square Saturn, so the transit had a strong effect. Now that he has been found dead (just like his father before him) the prominent combination of Mars, Uranus, Saturn and Neptune in his natal chart is being activated by transit. At present transit Mars is conjunct his natal Mars and square progressed Neptune, transit Uranus is trine his natal Mars and transit Neptune is inconjunct his natal Mars. The natal aspects are being activated. Unnatural death is often reflected by the Mars-Saturn-Pluto combination. In Nakagawa's chart Mars is square Saturn and semi sextile Pluto. In Japan it is not uncommon to commit suicide in order to save the honour of the family. Still there is an astrological indication reflecting the possibility.

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