Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jupiter in the chart of Agassi

André Agassi, top level tennis player, wrote about his life and confessed to have used hard drugs. When I read that, I had to think about Marion Jones (read the post about the chart of Marion Joneshere...) and other cases of doping. Jupiter had an important role to play in those cases. The latest example on my Dutch blog Astrokrant is Dutch gymnast Youri van Gelder. He was born April 23, 1983. He confessed using cocaine this year and was immediately fired (he was a sergeant in the army). His punishment is also that he cannot play in the Olympics. At the time of his confession transit Jupiter was square his progressed Sun. Agassi has transit Jupiter trine progressed Sun today. There is indeed a Sun-Jupiter connection with doping or with confessions to use doping. Read more about this on this blog...

In the chart of Agassi there is a wide square between Sun and Jupiter. It is almost a binovile. Jupiter is an important planet on the day that he was born. Jupiter doesn't make major aspects and is 'calling'. This tells us that he is successful, optimistic and positive (...sic) at any possible level. Agassi is an international, too and Jupiter is the planet of the wide wide world. His father was born in Iran and his wife is German. Jupiter is prominent.

Today transit Jupiter is exactly trine his progressed Sun. The difference between Marion Jones, a lot of cyclists and Agassi is, that Agassi didn't have to pay for using drugs and that he manages to earn money with the confession. It is in his memoirs!

The revelation is reflected by the actual positions of Uranus and Neptune, semi sextile and in mutual reception. They both make hard minor aspects with the natal Sun of Agassi. Uranus is semi square. Transit Neptune is 75 degrees from the Sun. Transit Neptune is also square his progressed Mercury. One might wonder why he wanted to confess this now. Maybe because he is religious (the prominent Jupiter is semi sextile Neptune)?


The natal chart of Agassi is unknown. What you see here are the positions on his day of birth. He shares those positions with others born on the same day. What special characteristics made him a famous tennis player using doping? On the day of his birth there were not just conditions for a successful person. There are also indications for a ‘die hard’

Ambition (Sun conjunct Saturn) and (sesquisquare Pluto) an almost frustrating will to win made him a 'die hard': someone who will be confronted with 'enemies' or pain (and we know that it is true). Perhaps the aspects with the Sun are also mirroring the image of his father, who was a boxing champion (used to be hurt) and who trained his son at the beginning.

When he started to win important games, his progressed Sun was conjunct Venus in Gemini, the sign of the arms and the hands. It seems that Brooke Shields had a stimulating role in becoming a professional, 15 years and 15 degrees ago. But in 1997 their relationship became troubled and that is when he started to use crystal methamphetamine, not for doping, but to feel better.

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