Wednesday, October 21, 2009

March 1, 1971: Robert Freegard, master conman born

I am reading a book about a master conman, Robert Freegard, who managed to control and exploit a group of students by pretending to be a spy. For over 10 years !!! They were manipulated by him, giving him all of their money. Of course, there is no hour of birth. It is only known that he is Pisces born March 1, 1971. He was only 21 when he started his 'game'.

On March 1, 1971 the Sun doesn't make major aspects within 5 degrees orb. That means that the Sun is very prominent and you can read that as the reflection of a leader, someone in the centre of it all, drawing attention. Uranus doesn't make major aspect. Neither does Saturn. Here we have the Sun-Saturn-Uranus prominence that is so frequent in the charts of those who deal with restricted liberty. First Robert Freegard stole the lives of young students. Later he was sent to jail. Now he is free again. Read the book ('Deceived' by Kate Snell), see the pictures in the book and beware!

The most important planet is Mars. Mars also doesn't make aspects and Mars is the first outer planet rising before the Sun. (You know: Mercury and Venus are inner planets, moving between earth and Sun. The other planets are outer planets). The creative Fire-Earth combination in his chart contributes to the other signs of creativity.

So, he could talk and he was creative in telling stories. But, how did he manage to make people believe his incredible stories? Mercury is in Pisces, square Jupiter and Neptune and that is the combination for a big story teller. He could have written novels! There is also a golden Yod on March 1, 1971 with Mercury as the Apex, connecting Mars and Saturn (combination of death) by quintile. Mars is biquintile Saturn. With this 'golden' combination he sure knew how to tell stories.

The master conman started with the group a few years after the change of the progressed Sun sign and the story culminated when the progressed Sun was trine Natal Neptune. The Sun-Neptune combination is the combination of the vivid imagination. You read more about the Sun-Neptune effect on my site Astromarkt, here is the link. About the progressed (or Solar Arc) harmonious aspect I wrote this:

The more harmonious aspects of Sun and Neptune make it easy for you to dream on or relax. Don’t expect this to be a fortunate aspect, always. Sometimes this aspect releases you from your identity as an individual and turns you into ‘one of the guys’, like in prison or you may have enough time available for fantasies and dreaming because you no longer have a job. Progressed Sun trine or sextile Neptune only makes it easy to hide away from reality, society or life as it is.
This seems to fit this person!

Not every person born March 1, 1971 is a conman, of course. But they will know how to tell or sell, and they are probably creative thinkers. Wikipedia tells me that three famous sportsmen were born on that day (and Mars - energy and drive - is important in this chart). One of them is Tyler Hamilton, a cyclist who was recently banned for 9 years after a failing out-of-competition check for performance enhancing drugs. He retired last April. I suppose that crucial placements in the chart of Freegard will explain why it was so important for him to be in control, living like a parasite and ruining the lives of others.

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