Saturday, October 17, 2009

Progressed Sun opposition Pluto

A few days ago the opposition of progressed (Solar Arc) Sun and natal Pluto in my chart perfected. I held my breath for a few days to be able to tell a great story, but...

There was nothing dramatic, no change, noone died (well, some died, but it didn't hurt me because I didn't know them) and I didn't become a grandmother, either. No serieus money problems, a smooth and painless reorganization on the job, health OK...or should the effect have been that the doctor adviced not to be vaccinated against Mexican Flu because of an allergy that I have? My oh my!!!:) She added that the Flu is less scary than the allergy.

OK time is up for Pluto! Perhaps there is something coming (by post, at the office on Monday), but I guess that this opposition simply got bye without effecting me. There are several reasons why I should not feel an effect.

1. It is a progression
That means that I slowly moved on to reach this station and there was a development.
2. The secondary Moon made no aspect, it can stil happen when she does.
3. There was no transit.
That should transfer the moment to November 22/23 when transit Jupiter is conjunct progressed Sun and opposition Pluto.

What could have happened? Brady says that a progressive opposition of Sun with a radix position is indicating that you will be motivated by others to decide. The progressive aspect (progressed Sun opposition progressed Pluto) would show a moment of decission that was more 'by heart'. That moment was a year ago. It didn't change a thing, but...I decided to put more energy in my official job and less in astrology. By the numbers of posts you can see that I managed to lessen the amount by 50%.

Noel TYl writes in Solar ARcs that SA Sun - Pluto's effect is like this: "Illumination of power needs; the need to control; new perspectives confirmed in life." My Midheaven is conjunct Sun, and adding this you get: 'striving for power and control; vocational upset and change to adopt new perspectives; power games with important consequences'. P/MC met Zon geeft volgens hem o.a. 'wanting to spread one's wings and fly', Maybe I don't have wings to fly!:) And maybe MY Pluto has another way to express himself.

Pluto is in my 6th house and rules the ninth house in an equal house chart and the eight house in Placidus. There have been contacts with Pluto before, of course. I rectified what I did wrong with P Sun sesquisquare Pluto, when I wanted to quit school ASAP (and I did one year later, as soon as I was allowed to). With P Sun quindecile Pluto I finished my study to be a teacher. With Sun inconjunct Pluto I got my driver's licence. With Sun biquintile Pluto I got a lovely dog (and started training her). With P Sun opposition P Pluto I did a workshop with Noel Tyl in Lisbon (in fact, this was 2 weeks later than the moment that the aspect was tight, so perhaps in two weeks time, something happens:)

So in my chart, Pluto is related to studies, school and workshops. WOW! I AM doing a workshop at the office right now. Perhaps it is more important than I think...?

Other persons have more important Sun-Pluto progressions. That is when they are important. For example, Hitler. He had Progressed Sun opposition radix Pluto and wrote Mein Kampf. I wrote a short story, just for fun and finished it last week. It is not the same, but Agatha Christie was also writing when she had progressed Sun opposition radix and progressive Pluto. She wrote her autobiography. Pluto is her ruler 3 in 10 in the natal chart and ruler 1 in 8 in the progressed chart. Perhaps she thougth that she had not much more to live (she was already 77) and it seems that she suffered from dementia. I have another example: Tina Turner's progressed Sun oposition radix and progressive Pluto between September 1996 and September 1997. That was during her come back toour after a period of rest for four years. Pluto really intensified life. Marshall Tito was about 4 to 5 when he had Sun conjunct Pluto and was living with his grandfather for no mentioned reason. Seems rather intense to me! In 1934/1935 Salvador DalĂ­ had P Sun conjunct Pluto. That is when he married Gala. They say that he never had sex with a woman before. The conjunction is the symbol of initiating things and Pluto is also the symbol of sex. In some person's charts, it is. In mine it is a training!



phadreus mephistoples said...

Of course in order to appreciate the effects of the progression at least as I understand it we have to look at several indicators to gauge what might be going on. I am reading this because by progression this year there will be a progressed Sun opposition to progressed Moon (P.Sun 21degrees Aquarius, P.Moon 20degrees Leo. This will form a progressed Sun opposition and a progressed moon conjunction to radix Pluto. However, transiting Pluto is moving through my natal 10th house, Capricorn on the cusp and an insight I had summer before last concerning both Saturn and Pluto is that any affects from them and the results are not sudden unless we are in violation of the principals related to the planets and even then it's not sudden because in both cases the crises whatever it may be has usually be brewing for a long time perhaps even unnoticed by us. Interestingly it seems the Saturnian issues deal with power and authority from an organization stand point, Plutonian more from an emotional, psychological and subjective stand point. It seems also any benefits derived from these periods are experienced and can be assessed over a longer period of time because both progressions and transits have to do with hard and very hard work respectively. A re-structuring or re-organization scenario in life though perhaps coming on suddenly due to a series of mistakes leading up to it is not something which happens over night this is the case is seems with Saturn. Pluto on the other had and because the "uphevel" may be more fundamental, more primal, can shake us to our very core and may destroy our hold on reality or allow us to recreate ourselves I a complete new and different manner from what we were use to before. In any case I believe this progression occurring as it does within this roughly 16 year transit of Pluto through my 10th house has more to do with the affects of that on my life and personality than whether or not there will be any immediate effects as a result. Although in my case unlike yours, there is the presence of the Moon in this which may make things a little more apparent whatever it maybe. At any rate my adjusted noon date is 9/9 so I will obviously know something by September 9th of this year. Given the circumstances of my life right now I can see nothing on the horizon but there are transits of Jupiter and Uranus happening at this time also so we definitely have to wait and see.

Astromarkt said...

Thank you James, for your input. It was 4,5 years ago that I wrote this, Meanwhile I have begun to think that oppositions also may refer to an effect of what happens to someone else, a sort of a side effect, and with Pluto: causing stress or challenges. I keep the subject in mind this week. I'll be back if I can relate that idea to 2009.