Friday, October 9, 2009

Pluto and the chart of Ralph Lauren

Sometimes astrology is amazingly accurate. Pluto is the symbol of life and death, sex, money, influence and politics: everything that is challenging. A transit of Pluto often creates transformation. The Sun changing sign is a signal of a changing life, lifestyle or style. The two signs of changing times together might mirror a dramatic or impressive change.

Ralph Lauren, the famous designer, has transit Pluto now conjunct his progressed Sun and sextile natal Venus. Maybe the transit of Pluto will be reflecting a changing policy towards the image of women, now that there has been a controversy about a photo shopped very thin model. It would be welcomed in order to prevent and stop anorexia and to be more realistic about the shapes of women in general. But of course the change in his chart might be related to a change in personal life, too.

In his natal chart Pluto rules his Moon and Venus and Venus is square Pluto.
So, the sextile (often mirroring a moment of 'going with the flow' and 'the easy way out') has a strong effect. Venus is inconjunct Jupiter and Jupiter is trine Pluto. The combination of Venus-Jupiter-Pluto often goes together with 'big money'. He is among the first 225 richest people in the world.

Ralph Lauren was born October 14, 1939 in NY (Sun in Libra, Moon in Scorpio). The combination of Libra/Scorpio is ruled by Venus in Scorpio and Pluto in Leo. The money axis is important in various ways and visible even without hour of birth.

Ralph Lauren is the CEO of a big company. Leaders and those who draw attention often have a Sun without major aspects and so has Ralph Lauren. For the management there was also an unaspected Saturn on his day of birth. Knowing how to earn money and being able to be a manager from the start: that is a good basis for the Ralph Lauren concern. Perhaps the Moon has a crucial position in the natal chart to indicate feeling for what the public needs and wants. But to be sure, it takes an hour of birth!


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