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Astrology of an abduction (Jaycee Lee Dugard)

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This is a long story about the astrology of the abduction and return of Jaycee Lee Dugard. It is a story about the theme of Saturn-Uranus, the coincidental synastry with Garrido, transits and progressions in times of change and the disadvantage of being pretty. This is a story about the chart with hour of birth, thanks to Donna Cunningham who published the hour of birth as given by the mother of Jaycee Lee (see links below).

There is a blog about the case of the abduction of Jaycee Lee Dugard here. I wrote that Jaycee Lee Dugard, Natascha Kampusch, Elisabeth Fritzl and Sabine Dardenne all have a chart with an important Saturn-Uranus combination (see links below). Saturn-Uranus is the combination of restricted freedom and blocked independence and the efforts to break free.

Jaycee Lee has the midpoint Sun/Moon (7th degree of Virgo) semi square Saturn/Uranus midpoint (23rd of Libra). Also, on the day of birth of Jaycee Lee Dugard the Sun was related to the midpoint Saturn/Uranus (a 157.5 degree minor hard aspect - sesquisquare + half semi square).

The issue of limited freedom is an important theme in the chart of Jaycee Lee. Even more, because Uranus in her natal chart is ‘calling’ (doesn’t make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degree).

Thanks to Donna Cunningham we now know the hour of birth of Jaycee Lee Dugard: 10:52 p.m. That is a rather exact time of birth, given by her mother. That is why it is surprising that we don't see exact transits for the day that Jaycee Lee Dugard was kidnapped. Though it was in the year that the Progressed Sun had just been opposition natal Uranus, the aspect was not exact. In fact, that was 6,5 months earlier. Of course, her life changed in a dramatic way on June 10, 1991, when her abductor took hold on her and she was suddenly away from her family, her school, and all that was 'her life' before. Here is her natal chart with transits and progressions for that day.


Sometimes being pretty is a disadvantage...Venus opposition Ascendant makes her attractive enough to draw the attention (Sun is calling, too!) of a pedophile.  The Moon on the Ascendant is also attractive. Neptune on the Ascendant is resonating the situation: having to hide (first because of being abducted, now from the media). In a more positive reflection this could be the chart of an artist, someone with style, grace and imagination. very sensitive.

Uranus doesn't make major aspects with other planets or lights (orb 5 degrees). That makes Uranus and all that is related to Uranus (sudden change, freedom and independence is one of the meanings) a major issue. The second important position is for Pholus (at the bottom of the chart). Now we have two indications for a sudden turning point. Those two important symbols of change were important on June 10, 1991, too.

Uranus, Pholus, Neptune, Chiron and Moon made aspects on June 10, 1991, soon followed by Venus.

1. URANUS ON JUNE 10, 1991
On the specific day of the abduction Uranus rang 3 (think of the rule of 3!) times:

- Uranus is at 12d46 Capricorn on that day. The MC is at 13d25m41s if 10:52 is the exact correct time. Uranus-Midheaven is an indication for a shocking change in condition.
- Transit Uranus is trine natal Sun enables changes to happen by surprise.
- In the year of the abduction, Progressed Sun was still opposition Uranus (but not tight any more). That means enstrangement (by circumstance or by others) and a hectic period in life.

Also Progressed New Moon is conjunct Uranus and that is valid for a number of years.

The importance of Uranus in transits and progressions resonates Change with a capital C.
The tragic coincidence was that this important Uranus coincided with the Sun of Phillip Garrido. The progressed Sun of Jaycee was conjunct the progressed Sun of the man who stole her out of her life in 1991*). That is when their lives joined.

In 1991 her progressed Sun was opposition Uranus, reflecting a sudden change caused by others. So Phillip Garrido's Sun was opposition her Uranus, too. He became the living symbol of the contrary (opposition) of what freedom (Uranus) is.
Phillip Garrido who (with the help of his wife) kidnapped her, was born April 5, 1950. He happened to be where Jaycee Lee Dugard was, too. 

2. PHOLUS ON JUNE 10, 1991
Transit Pholus square Progressed AC/MC mirrors a complete transformation of situation and conditions.  Pholus is important in her natal chart (on Aries Point, square Ascendant). That adds weight to the transit. Pholus is the symbol of the turning point in life.

3. NEPTUNE ON JUNE 10, 1991
Transit Neptune was semi square Progressed AC/MC when she disappeared and that seems to be an adequate astrological mirror. Neptune is the symbol of secrets, hiding, all that you can't touch. The effect of the transits was greater because of the angular position of Neptune in the natal chart.

Together, Pholus and Neptune with AC/MC resonate a mysterious turning point.

4. CHIRON ON JUNE 10, 1991
Transit Chiron is inconjunct AC and square progressed MC in the period around the abduction.
Chiron is a symbol of transformation. They say that Chiron is also the symbol of healing. But you have to be wounded first. Ciron is exactly conjunct the Sun in the natal chart and rising just before the sun. An inconjunction is often a symbol of loss.

5. MOON ON JUNE 10, 1991
The progressed Moon was inconjunct Progressed Ascendant, reflecting emotional lack of balance and a nasty event to be remembered. This is the second inconjunction in that period.

6. MARS ON JUNE 10, 1991
There is a minor transit of Mars in a 105d aspect with Uranus, the 'calling' planet in her chart.

One of the more surprising aspects is Progressed MC trine Venus (in the months after the abduction). In her nasty situation this could just mean that there was some improvement (compared to the earlier conditions). Any ideas? Just like the trine of transit Uranus this trine doesn’t reflect harmony or peace.

More than 18 years later, Jaycee Lee Dugard, now named Alyssa,  experienced another big change. The father of her two daughters behaved in a suspicious way and drew attention. The complete family was questioned. This eventually led to the discovery that Alyssa was Jaycee Lee Dugard. The transits and progressions of that day are here:

1.   Transit Uranus square Ascendant (abrupt change of situation)
2.   Progressed Midheaven opposition Sun (drawing attention)
3.   Progressed Midheaven opposition Chiron (healing moment?)
4.   Progressed Midheaven inconjunct natal Midheaven (lost of status quo)
5.   Transit Pluto trine Mars, trine Jupiter and square Pholus (a painful victory)
6.   Transit Mars square Pholus (turning point in a battle)
7.   Transit Venus inconjunct natal Moon (a good moment, but…something is lost)
8.   Transit Mercury opposition Pholus (changing your mind)
9.   And even more…than these 10 transits and progressions.

On the day that her abductor was sentenced, transit Jupiter was conjunct the Moon of Jaycee Lee but her Progressed Moon was inconjunct natal and progressed Saturn. The memories of the past come with the right decision of the judge…

*) (Remember that Elisabeth and Joseph Fritzl were born on the same day, so with Sun conjunct Sun?)


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